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HD mailbox, fun project

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    Mailman lives a few houses down, and I've done alot of remodel work at his house. He's a buddy.
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      That is a 200 year mailbox! I love it!

      I had a neighbor whos box kept getting run he welded a 3ftx3ft piece of 1/4 steel plate to the bottom of a 3x3 piece of square tubing...he buried it about a foot deep... he put one of those cheap boxes on it...and that night he to caught his mailbox buddy.

      When that ford truck hit it flipped up...and took out the radiator,,oil pan...tie rod..and one of his tires....along with the trans oilpan....the 17 yr old driver was not pleased.
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        I'd bet it'll survive a coonass M-80.

        Idee tres tres bonne
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          Nice box! What are you mounting it on?

          A few years back my parents had received a letter from the county stating that they had passed a law that homeowners were liable for damage to "Others" property if the post was over 1" in diameter and more than 1/8" thick wall. My parents had a 4" diameter 3/8" wall pipe that was concreted in 4' deep and concrete filled, the box was like yours. Dad sent them a registered letter stating that it had been installed prior to their law and "Grand-fathered" it's still there and will be for many years.


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            I have had the misfortune of having my mailbox blasted 6 times in the past 5 years, each of which has demolished the post and box. I got pissed and built one out of 4 inch square tubing with 3/16 wall. It is identical to the shape of the ones you buy in the store and was painted white like all of the previous ones. The difference with this one, besides being metal and nearly indestructible, was that I mounted (welded) a coil spring from a 1 ton truck to the bottom of the post and then anchored it into concrete. Now when the jackasses blast through the corner the mailbox bounces back up and leaves their car with a large bruise I would love to attach some sort of device that could speak to them after they hit it which might say, "take that bit_ _" Ahhh, I love being able to build this kind of crap--Grant