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  • Scraps

    Hey fellas, anyone have pics or suggestions as to storing your
    scrap pieces of metal? Seems like I can only put my scraps in a
    pile and then I can't find what I need. Thanks for any help.

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    I keep my smaller pieces of scrap to one drawer in one of my toolboxes. This keeps them all in one place, and when I need a small plate or say a right angle piece, I can find it easily.

    All larger pieces I try to lean them against the wall out of the way or behind one of my toolboxes.

    Hope this helps.
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      Have a couple more smaller racks too.


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        this one for certain lengths
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          Hey S;
          Are you trying to addition for Orange county choppers with the punching bag next to the big stock rack?
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            For the really small pieces, I use a five gallon bucket. If you have a lot you can use one bucket for each type i.e. angle, flat, round etc.
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              for something smaller

              here's what I made for my small area....

              it's about 30" wide and 24" deep and 4 feet high..

              drawers slide out for access... although I found out that if you load them down they are a bear to slide... but it serves my purpose ... all my pieces sorted and in one place...

              My "project truck" has turned into 'garage art' !!!


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                Hello John We do get around don't we.

                I currently am using 5 gal buckets and I don't even weld yet. LOL I just fab everything up and prep it for welding. I will be learning. Just bought a Rigid chop saw and man that thing is cool. I'm currently building a cab roller for my 57 Ford F100 cab. I'm using 3" x 4" x 3/16" wall tubing for the main members.
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                  Buckets are a good idea, maybe make up a rack for about 2 or 3 wide that the buckets slid into laying on the side. Like a barrel rack with the buckets about 30 degrees up.