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  • HF Scroll Attachment

    Just wondering if anyone had found a way to use this without the bender.

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    Re: HF Scroll Attachment

    Originally posted by Bender
    Just wondering if anyone had found a way to use this without the bender.
    You could just mount it on a plate with a series of holes drilled in it. with a spacer and another plate on the bottom. Personally after having bought one myself. I would go with the HF metalcraft knockoff instead. Lil more money but you get what you pay for.
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      hobweld has the right advice.. Metalcraft [email protected] is a much nicer scroller if you get into making ornamental work.

      That being said, the compact bender that thing goes into goes on sale all the time for 39$, and is quite handy.

      If you are bound and determined to make you own, the easiest way i can think of to make one is 12" of thick wall 2" square tube, some misc scrap to make a strong bench mount (or trailer hitch mount!), a big honkin drillbit, or holesaw, and a pattern. You could make it with some plate or angle if thats what you got. Doesnt matter as long at its significantly stronger than what you plan to bend (1/8-3/8 probably).

      If you decide to go that route, we can get you some exact dimensions for holes and offsets

      Oh yeah, ill **** chadrat's page on how to use these things


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        Thanks guys. I went this morning to get the bench bender and the scroll attachment and they did'nt have the bender so I chickened out on the scroll attachment. I have a bender that I bought at a flea market but the holes are too small for the scroller.

        I thought about about welding a short piece of 2" pipe to my table and drilling a hole all the way through it and putting the scroller on that but I was'nt sure about all the holes that are in the bender and the scroller and how they work together. I'll check out Chadrat's site again and get some ideas.

        Thanks again.


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          I like to buy tools whenever I can but sometimes ya gotta make your own stuff. With the low prices on the benders, I would rather buy it and use it instead of tryin to build my own. If they are out at the store then ya could mail order from their website. They are not the quickest in the shipping department so be ready to wait a couple of weeks. Get the metalcraft knock off while you are at it.
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            Joe hobart

            "If you decide to go that route, we can get you some exact dimensions for holes and offsets"

            You think you could post the dimensions of the holes, # of holes & distance between centers?

            I have a 12" X 3" X 3" 1/4" wall square tube that wouls make a great bench mount for the scroller I just purchased if I have the dimension.

            Any help you could provide would be appreciated, Thanks
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