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Linde welder coolant capacity

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  • Linde welder coolant capacity

    I finally got my Linde ucc 305 welder weldor up and running thanks to this groups help. My new question is how much coolant does this unit require and what type of coolant is it?
    Thanks, EJV

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    Linde UCC 305

    I just purchased one of these on Ebay, any input would be great. I know nothing, I'm a TIG ******! I am going to school for an associates degree in welding technology and thought that buying this welder for this cheap couldn't hurt. I will be using it in my home garage, of course on a dedicated breaker! I hope they are worthwhile machines, as it appears to be in great condition for what I paid for it ($585) with torch, stinger, and flowmeter etc. Input from anyone that is familiar with these machines would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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      Try the Esab site. They may have a manual available.