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  • welder pics

    Ok guys, I love to see the pics of your baby's{junks 180, Dan;s econo, etc} but hey guys, I came to this site to cut down on the **** site I spend more time here!
    At least do a lay out,.....maybe a couple of welds performed with the blue lady,......Hugh Hefner would....get it HH,..Hugh Hefner.
    Believe me, I am a better welder than I am a comedian,.....I do enjoy learning your experiences, not only with the equipment, but the pro' and con's of the different welders, the process of obtaining them etc. I guess next years bonus will have to go for a tig and some classes.......thanks a lot guys

    as ROCK would say "BURN ON"

    P.S...... the R in R. Nelson Is for ROCK thats my real name.

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    "I came to this site to cut down on the **** site time"



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      ... and as to the proper feeding of the small welder, so it will grow bigger and stonger: keep counting those penny's
      TLC will keep the resale/trade value up.
      Sesame Street, Milk, and Corn Flakes won't help.