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back pack blower rack/hanger ?

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  • back pack blower rack/hanger ?

    anybody made something to hold a back pack blower on the wall somehow. I sure would like to get mine up off the floor but can't figure out how to make anything that would work without taking the hose off the blower to hang it up everytime.

    any ideas ?

    - jack

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    Northern has some for trailers. May give you some ideas.


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      Mine hangs from sort of a meat hook from the bottom of a truss in the shed Jack. If you can't accomodate that, make an L shaped shelf bracket long enough with a U on the end the handle fits into, and put sort of a bicycle kick stand with anoter U horizontal at the end to hold the hose in an upward orientation.

      Get them projects finished quick while the wife still lets you play in the shop!