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    Hello mr knight

    Well the total cost of materials came out to be a couple of grand. The total man hours Id say was 40 or so. If I were more proficient in the layout, and didnt have to work off of the floor of my garage, It would be cut down to about 30. Plus I F'd up on one layout, and had to tear apart a section. but Im not counting that. Now I am doing this for a friend, and I am charging her 2 thousand to do it. It was a pain in the *** due to the nature of the scrolls and their inability to just cut to size and make fit like standard straight ballusters are. But all in all Ive gotten lots of compliments on it, and think ive found something I can do for a change!! I am doing a table base for Maury Povich the TV guy right now, and as soon as I get it done, I will post pics on here. I have been doing this for less than a year and already i am doing work for High profile people. Never. Never did i think this could happen. Not in my wildest dreams. take care brother.

    Darrin Morgan


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      Hope you didn't take my post the wrong way. From the pics you do nice work and could likely turn this into a business. Sounds like you might have a good customer base
      I have a couple of friends in unrelated businesses. They do great work, had lots of good costumers, but eventually they had to go back to their day jobs because they did not allow for profit, health care, retirement, etc in their pricing. Just something to think about. They still do work on the side as a paying hobby. Works out well for them and customers.
      I also like what you did and was wondering how much materials and time it would take. I think I'll stick to my simple prefabbed units for now...


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        Also big moble welding insurance bill.


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          Re: Parts for handrail

          Originally posted by irnworker433
          Hello, I have a place locally where i got my parts from. Their name is Jansen's. they have a website it is, They can send you a catalog, and they ship anywhere. They have some really nice stuff.

          they don't have any prices on their site. do they sell to non-professionals? or do you need a business license?

          VERY nice work, by the way.


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            prices on iron

            If you submit to jansens that you want a catalog, inside each catalog is a pricesheet for all products. Its kinda handy. You can see product and prices both when looking up items. Also you dont need to be a professional. Everyday joes like us can walk in and buy. PLUS, they are all very very informative and knowledgible in all aspects of ornamental Iron.
            Thanks for the compliment. Work safe.
            Darrin Morgan