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  • Indoor handrail

    Heres a handrail I just finished for a lady. It took me about 2 weeks to do, everyday after work and on the weekends.
    Darrin Morgan

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    different picture

    Top rail
    Darrin Morgan


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      Real nice stuff, what did you use for paint?

      What did you use for the scroll?

      Thanks Bernie


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        You have a gift and a future in this type of business. You should pursue it. Extremely nice work.
        Mike Sherman
        Shermans Welding


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          Very. Very nice.....Like to see more of your work...
          Regards, George

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            darrin, nice work
            no one get's out of here alive.


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              Excellent! That's quite impressive. Can you share how it was made? We'd like the details, please.

              How long have you been building stuff like this?
              Proud Owner of the MM251 and Spectrum 375 Cutmate


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                Details on the handrail

                I do have the tooling to make the scrolls, but due to time constraints, I opted to buy all rails, ballusters, baseplates, scrolls etc etc. I actually havnt made but two handrails since ive started this metalworking side job stuff. I have found that it truly is very very rewarding to see the faces of the customer when they finally see the stuff in the finished form, and in their home. I would like nothing more than to be able to quit my full-time job and persue this as a career. Maybe someday. I would also like to master the TIG technique, and really make my work stand out. But for now my MM210 should do ok. The customer who's house this stuff is in paid a Faux finisher to do the paint. It has some places where she missed, so they need to retouch some spots. BUT, it looks good overall, and enhances what Ive already done. Its a kind of Bronzie, Brown color. I have pics of some other creations, and I will post soon to show my new found buddies here in the message board. I want to extend a thanks to all who give their many years of wisdom to us newbies, and guide us through out trials and tribulations of "welding", or in my case..........sticking, porosity, blow-through, etc etc. Thanks again
                Boom up and hold the load
                Darrin Morgan


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                  that's beautifull. Makes me wish I had some stairs.

                  I don't hink I need a pool fence quite that ornate, but that is really some inspiration.

                  T/A 185


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                    Great Job! Looks like it turned out well. Where do ya get your parts from?
                    Art is dangerous!


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                      Where did you get the parts from? My wife would love to see that kind of work around stairs. Let us know...


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                        Parts for handrail

                        Hello, I have a place locally where i got my parts from. Their name is Jansen's. they have a website it is, They can send you a catalog, and they ship anywhere. They have some really nice stuff.

                        Darrin Morgan


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                          Re: Parts for handrail

                          Originally posted by irnworker433
                          Hello, I have a place locally where i got my parts from. Their name is Jansen's. they have a website it is, They can send you a catalog, and they ship anywhere. They have some really nice stuff.

                          Great work on the railings. I'm doing one now, with my HF scroll bender. Have you tried KING metals for stuff?? I see they have a yard in L.A. If so, how do the compare?


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                            Hi Rocky D

                            Umm, ya know I didnt even know about them until now. they are much closer to my house. The jansens place sell high end ornamental iron, and are generally higher than their competitors. the reason I go there is the customer service is great, and they speak english to boot. Unfortunately here in Los Angeles, the majority of the people doing the wrought iron stuff are spanish and speak little english. Including the sales people. So I go where I can talk to someone and understand just what the **** they are trying to say!! Im sure for you down in San diego its the same if not worse. Can you send me some pics of your handrail work?? Do you do handrails alot?? I sure could use some pointers on making the design, layout, etc on these things. Another thing. I turned down a job due to it was a spiral staircase. Are there ANY kind of instructional tools available for people like me just starting out?? Like measuring guides, code regulations etc etc.
                            Thanks alot for the link to King. Take care
                            Darrin Morgan


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                              Very Nice.
                              Would you mind telling us what materials cost, and how many hours you have into this. And what the nice lady paid for the job?