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Lead weight conversion by volume/ boat anchors

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  • Lead weight conversion by volume/ boat anchors

    The administration at work has come up with this plan to for a boat anchor for a dive boat. I think they picked a size that looks good without realizing how much it will weight, I am thinking it is going to be much to heavy. Does anyone know how I can figure the weight of this anchor before I build it and fill it with lead? A picture should be attatched.

    It is designed to lower through the center of a dive boat, and I diver will use it as a search base, he will use the shaft as an axis for his search pattern. It has to be heavy enough to secure a boat and a diver, but still manegable.

    Ok, I tried to attatch the drawing but it says the file is to large. Basically it is a box 20 inches square 10 inches high filled with lead. How much would it weigh. And how do I figure for a smaller box?

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    Lead weighs about .4 pounds per cubic inch.
    Your box is 20 x 20 x 10 = 4000 cubic inches.
    so the lead will weigh about 1600 pounds.

    ... I would guess another 100 pounds for the box itself and whatever lift ring/post/thing is going to carry this weight.


    Added Later:
    Both my post and the one following assume solid lead ... purhaps melted and cast in the box.
    Since this is for divers, the intent might be ?? to build a box and then fill it with diving weights or some other form of loose lead objects. That would, of course, be lighter due to the spaces.
    Hope we helped.
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      lead weight conversion

      weight per cu. in. lead = .4096
      X 4000 cu. in. = 1638.4 pounds
      add to that the weight of the box.


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        Well if everyone agrees this is the formula thank you very much. I didn't have any idea it would weigh this much. I am going to have to fall back and do some refiguring with this project.