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    Hello folks. I am new to this welding message board, and would just like to show you the latest project i just completed. It is a room devider for a restaurant here in Hollywood ca. It stands 10 ft tall and is 8 ft wide. It has 1900 individually welded leaves in it, and took me over 100 hrs to complete. I used my millermatic 210 to do it, and it was a pain in the ***. I hand cut and shaped each leaf myself. Needless to say i dont think I'll tackle anything like that anytime soon. But if the money's right, who knows. The cleanup was tedious because of the wavy configuration of the leaves. Hard to get a grinding wheel in to clean the welds. But nontheless it was fun, and worthwhile. Ive gotten plenty of compliments, and it was featured in a restaurant critics comlumn in the Los Angeles times newspaper. Anyways thanks alot for this totally cool message board, and I will be sending more pics of projects soon
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    Darrin Morgan

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    Welcome to the board! Don't let this minor setback upset you. Nearly everyone has had at least a little trouble posting pics.

    Now come on, hurry up- 1900 pieces!! We want to see this!

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      Sorry guys

      I am trying to figure out how to make my pics smaller so i can post. I obviously am computer challenged!!
      Darrin Morgan


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        What a great achiement.I would like to see a picture so I can save it in my computer and use it for my website.Let's see!


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          Hey Darrin,

          If you can, go to & download Iview.
          It is a very easy to use photo-massaging program & it is free.
          Or, if you can post your pictures somewhere & send me the link,
          I will resize & compress them for you if you like. I think everyone
          wants to see this divider you made.
          "Dr. Chandran, will I dream?"