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  • Smoker build Q

    Is there a 'rule of thumb' as to the size of the fire box ?

    I've got a bunch of different sized tanks laying around, compressor tanks, propane tanks, etc, and I'd like to build a smoker.

    What ever tank I use I'll have to fab the firebox.

    So is there a 'rule of thumb' on the size of the firebox in ratio to the size of the
    'cooking box' ?

    1/4, 1/3, 1/2 ??????

    BTW - I have a big pile of new, kiln dried, unfinished oak hardwood flooring that I plan to use as fuel.
    See any problem there ?

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    Just google what you want and you be surprised at how much information is returned. Here's one site, for example:
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      don't know if this will help. cool smoker check it out


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        A lot of good information on this forum, and this link deals specifically with pit building ratios:


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          Monte Calfas !

          That's what I was looking for !



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            Of all the ones I have built I have found having the box alittle bit bigger is better. You also have to make you stack proportional to your fire. This is another that you can go bigger then dampen it back down to adjust your heat.
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