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  • Hydraulic ?

    On my John Deere tractor I've got some quick connect hydraulic fitting that go the backhoe. I was wondering if anyone knew where you can buy hydralic fitting like that(besides John Deere,I don't want to pay 4 times what they cost). I was thinking of getting a bender and hooking up the hydraulics of the bender either to the tractor or a gas powered log splitter which already has the hydraulics,4 way valve and motor built in. Has anyone tried to do anything like that? I thought it might be pretty easy with the quick connect fitings. Anyone foresee any problems?David

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    Nothing wrong with that idea. Splitters work good off tractors. Two places to get hydraulic parts, and
    I'm in the process of putting together the parts to build a three point log splitter and I have thought about using it for a bender also.
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      I think you could try TSC, or a Farm and Fleet store. I use a type called Pioneer on all my farm equipment. I buy them at TSC here in Canada.


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        princess auto sells lots of hyd. parts, and i think JD uses standard quick connects, if i remember right
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          I bought all the components for my logsplitter from Northern Tools and had the hoses made & installed at a local store named Farmer's Supply. Seems that almost every farm store carries some hydraulic parts.

          Here is a link to Northern's category page; scroll down to hydraulics:

          Their prices seemed pretty competitive to me. YMMV

          I have been reading the threads about benders thinking "Hmmmm, I already got the hydraulics sitting there not being used 99% of the time." I'm also thinking I better start getting the rest of my winter supply cut, split & stacked pretty soon. I have also been reading stories about how much my neighbors are gonna be getting gouged for gas heating this season.
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            if i am not mistaken JD fittings will only hook up with JD fitting ....can't remember the name but we always go to a universal fitting so there is no playing around just hook up and go
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              It would more than likely be easier to use the splitter. It has an open center hyd system and depending on the tractor setup it could be either. I kind of think there could be some complications with the tractor. (not exactly sure how the particular system is set up) If there is a low pressure return hose its open center. The log splitter uses that kind and you could actually add another valve just for that use. Plumb the new valve from the return of the existing valve with hi press line, go thru the new valve and back to return again. It really helps to have hi press guage you can plumb into the system, they should be set with highest pressure for first (adjustment under cap on valve), then slightly lower for second and lower again for 3rd.


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       those guys specialize in hydraulics, best prices around.

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                  Thanks to all

                  I'm thinking maybe the log splitter might be easier like S suggested. I only use it in the fall then it usually sits. The gas motor probably needs to be run a little more,although I always run it till the gas is gone to help prevent gumming it up. You guys are all great! Thanks to all for the reply's and links , David
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