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Slots in 18 gauge sheet metal

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  • Slots in 18 gauge sheet metal

    need to cut quite a few slots 1/4" wide and 2" long in 18 gauge sheet metal and of course I need some in the middle of the sheet. All I can think of is a nibbler. Anyone have any better ideas???

    Ray D

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    Saber saw with fine tooth Bosch blade...drill the 1'4" holes at each end (I'd use a Rotobroach instead of a drill). Being how the slots will only be 2" long, perhaps just a cut off wheel in a 4 1/2" grinder to "connect the dots". this would be a great job for a CNC plasma cutter,,,if you happen to have one covered up in the back of the shop.
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      A straightedge and a die grinder/zip cutter/small router with a 1/4" dia cutter (two flute end mill or a single cut carbide burr). If you need squared corners, one shot with the nibbler.

      I'v done a ton of slots this way, and with a little care, it is fast and clean. Normal concerns, of course, with using and controlling the high seed cutting tools.
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        Drill 2 holes, use snips or electric strip shear. This type of shear.


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          How many is "quite a few" ? Worth making dies for ?

          Sounds like work for a punch press, or some type of press.

          They do this kinda stuff over at Metal Meet.


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            cutting slots

            Small plasma cutter & straight edge.
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