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60 gallon IR compressor and harbor freight

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  • 60 gallon IR compressor and harbor freight

    I need a new compressor. I found IR 60 gallon 3 horse 10+ cfm @90psi at harbor freight.

    I have a IR catalogue and it lists this compressor as a SS3L3

    but on the tag on the side of the HF model, which has thge same specs it has a different model #

    the prices are around $75 different from the IR list to the HF price. Are HF products remanufactured and so badged differently? or built to different standards?

    I know a 3hp model (contunuous duty, real HP not peak) is still a little small for a serious shop compressor. I think it would work for me because it's double the 5 cfm @ 90psi 15 gallon porter cable oilless one I wore out.

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    I'd bet a whole US Dollar there are differences. Years back, when I bought a typewriter, both the catalog store and the typewriter store had Smith Corona model 210 machines, with different prices.
    There were major differences, and the typewriter dealer got the sale cause he went thru the machine and adjusted it properly when I bought it.
    IR would manufacture a few hundred compressors to HFs specifications without batting an eye, after all the company is run by bean counters who wouldn't know a compressor from a toilet seat. All they care about is total units out the door.
    It's a good place for a manufacturer to use parts that don't meet quality control standards for the machines they sell and have to back up.


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      The one I bought from HF about 2 yrs. ago is labled SS3-E. I also got the IR synthetic oil as it doubles the warranty and and ups the rating to continuous duty. Before installing the unit, I did add a 90 and extension pipe to the bottom drain port to bring the drain valve out past the base. I've been happy with this one, something I couldn't say for the Crapsman it replaced.


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        well, I have one now too So I don't want to hear anything bad about it now. If anyone has a horror story please keep yer mouth shut, I don't want to know.

        / I go back and stick my head in the sand j/k

        thanks all,
        T/A 185


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          Is that the compressor that IR imports from France?


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            Roger, that was cruel of you. Besides, you know dang good & well the decals are made in Guam, so they can say made in USA, then shipped to Mexico, where the Chinese castings are assembled onto the Mexican tank, with the Korean motor and Indian belt.
            There ain't a single French part in that unit, unlike Black & Decker crap.