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  • perfectaline thoughts on making one

    I just bought a lot at the lake. I have a double wide mobile home that I have rented out. I was thinking about moving it to the lake lot. and putting it on either a crawl space or basment. I started looking at how they do it and found
    Perfect-A-Line Inc manufactures mobile, manufactured, and modular home rolling and jacking system. These systems include basement, crawlspace, and flat setting systems. We also manufacture and sell our line of roof jacks designed specifically for the manufactured housing industry. We also sell airbags,Norco bottle jacks, come-a-longs and other accessories. air jacks

    they want $8000-$10000 for this.
    do you see any reason why I can't fab somthing to do the same job. It dosent look to complex. what are your thoughts.
    I would only use it for my use, not sell it, and I have no reason to go into the trailer setting biz.
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    This is your lucky day. I started making those recently, and you can buy one from me for only $7650! Act now! Allow 6-8 weeks for, um, er, "shipping..."


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      thanks for the offer But I am cheap and have scrap

      I think all i will have to buy is the 5 in square tube most every thing else will come out of the scrap pile. I guess I just wanted somone to tell me that this is as simple as i see it.
      Sell promotional products to live, but live to weld


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        Check with the movers for the double wide first. Should be part and parcel with the moving expense, unless you were thinking of handling the move yourself. Common practice for the movers to set a mobile home on either a foundation or a basement.
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          For a one off venture I would just build up some wood beams underneath and then dismantle them at my leisure later. Oops, forgot this is a welding site. But seriously, get some PT 4X4, 4X6, 6X6, etc. to slide that puppy over on then take them out and use them to build a deck, porch, shed, dock, etc. etc. etc. Done, no waste and you used Amercian lumber instead of foreign (recycled) steel.


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            Just jack it up. (This is Alexander Hamilton's house. They had to lift it up 35 ft. to move it over another building.

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              One good reason to have them do is, if you drop it you bought it. If they drop it they bought it. Make sure your life insurance is paid up. There are no small mistakes in a project like that.

              GOOD LUCK!