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off topic but ill give it a shot

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  • off topic but ill give it a shot

    does anyone know how to paint a car my gunny asked me to paint his truck and i have a spayer and can make a booth but all i need now is how to do it right , like shoul strip or just pint over sanding sandbalsting/?? any advice thanks

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    This subject is too complex to do here, you however dont need to remove all the old paint, in fact it is bad idea most of the time,, sanding will do and the list of tools goes beyond a paint gun,,, get some experienced help or you are going to have a mess.


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      Bill, given my complete total understanding of creatures with 3 up and 2 down on their sleve, I would STRONGLY recommend you put your best war face on and start with "Gunny this Marine has no idea how to paint a car" and follow with "Gunny, since this Marine can only screw up painting your car may I please run 10 miles and then scrub every latrine on 29 Palms instead of screwing up the Gunny's car"

      There is just no way in **** of learning to paint a car without screwing up a few paint jobs first. When you watch it being done, it looks simple, but when you try it it turns to **** quick, and that ain't even botherin to ask if it's one coat enamel, or color coat clear coat.


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        You need to ask him what kinda quality he's looking for.

        This is just a quick overview skipping lots of detail.

        If it's a resto project the right way to start is to strip it to metal and work up.

        after body work use a thin filler called Iceing to fill pinholes and minor imperfections

        the shoot a coat of self etching epoxy sealer primer.

        over that a coat of high build filler primer.

        guide coat

        block out the car

        maybe a another coat of filler primer if some minor spots won't block out.

        top coats all depend on the type used.

        I wouldn't atempt it unless you have a few jobs of your own under your belt

        Now the other end of the spectrum.

        Wash it with joy to remove all the wax..
        scuff it.. tape it and shoot..
        Paint booth is to good at this level.. a nice dusty garage or gnat covered field is optimal.

        taping emblems is optional

        For a true Earl Shibe job grease the windows instead of masking em (joke! don't do it!)
        Scott Schering


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          lots of work!

          Painting a car is alot of hard work...

          But don't let Franz scare you too much, you gotta keep in mind he's just naturally lazy

          Ask your painting questions on these lists:


          Both moderators sell "how to" video(s), and the list participants will give you all the advice you want, which will require purchasing all kinds of tools you never thought you needed. Not like its any different here, they've almost got me believing my HH175 MIG is useless and I better buy a dc stick and/or TIG machine or all my stuff is going to fall apart.

          I've painted a few cars, each one comes out better as I go... but I've never bought those videos...
          since I'm just naturally glutant for punishment


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            I dunno,,, I kind of got to agree with Franz on this one.


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              Bite the bullet and take it to Macco


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                OK...........What the heck is a gunny?


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                  Originally posted by bitternut
                  OK...........What the heck is a gunny?
                  come on bitternut, didn't you see Heart Break Ridge with Clint Eastwood

                  a gunny is a gunnery sergeant

                  - jack


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                    All I can offer is:

                    IF you take it to maaco.

                    1. Remove all the trim you don't want painted yourslf.
                    2. remove bumpers ,lights etc.
                    3. Remove the door seals and trunk seals
                    4. Degrease the car yourself. Use Polycracker and Prepsol
                    5. Wet Sand the car yourslef with 400 Grit
                    6. Perform any body work you want done ourself.
                    7. Pay for the extra sealer
                    8. Make sure they use a hardener in the paint, not just air-dry enamal
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                      Originally posted by bitternut
                      OK...........What the heck is a gunny?
                      As I recall the orginizational table of the USMC,
                      1, GOD
                      2, The President
                      3, Master Gunnery Sgt
                      4, Gunnery Sgt
                      5, Commendant of the Corps
                      6, The officer Corps
                      7, BAMs
                      8, NCO Club bartenders
                      9, Green Slime

                      Of Course, ROCK may have some more recent additions.


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                        call or email me...25+ years of painting cars!!


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                          If I were you, I'd save myself from getting an NJP and tell the gunny you'll let him use your equipment, but you aren't willing to paint his truck.

                          Otherwise you screw up, you'll end up at Camp Lejeune in CCU. Turning big rocks into small rocks.

                          Semper Fi mac.
                          I don't know welding. I know computers. Got computer problems?


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                            He could get really lucky and be sent to gaurd some rocks in Afganastan.


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                              Paint it don't have to be too fussy and he'll love it!