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Cutting water heater tank

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  • Cutting water heater tank

    This is just a little heads up warning for everyone. I was going to cut the outside skin off of some water heater tanks with my plasma cutter,to make a smoker grill. I opened the cover where the elements are and saw fiberglass insulation. I hooked up the ground and hit the trigger, it didn't take but a second to stop cutting as the fumes from the foam insulation were pretty bad. I then broke out the grinder with a cutting wheel and removed the outside covering. All around the opening where the elements are, there was fiberglass insulation, and the rest of the heater was foam. If anyone wondered how those people awhile back in the bar at the Great White concert died so quick, I can tell you in just 2 seconds I thought the fumes were gonna knock me out. In the future I will take the top off first and check the insulation.David

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    I would have told you to be careful with those type tanks, they stopped putting fiberglass in about 10 years ago.

    Hope you were able to get rid of the tank.



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      Most foams expel Cyonide when they burn. Remember what they used in the CaliFOOEY gas chamber for executions?

      Be careful about cutting things that are powder coated too.