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Exhaust repair with gas torch

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  • Exhaust repair with gas torch

    I'm installing an exhaust on a friend's car. It's heavily modified and being returned to stock. He bought a stock exhaust system from someone on the internet, but the guy couldn't find a box big enough for it. So, he cut it up. Unfortunately, the cuts were far from straight and really jagged.



    I used a #0 Victor tip and 1/16" filler rod.

    Sonny Van Hook
    Miller Dialarc HF
    Oxy-acetylene torch. Got gas?

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    Looks like some mighty fine gas welding. I hope to someday be able to get half that good at it. One of these days before winter sets in I will have to crawl under my Blazer and fit a new piece in between the "Y" pipe and the exhaust pipe. I have been putting it off because I just know the exhaust manifold bolts are going to snap right off. There is only about 1/2" between the top of the exhaust pipe and the frame where it will need to be welded so removing the "Y" pipe looks like the only option right now. Keep up the good work and showing the results.


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      Nice work, I too had a little project for my son over the weekend, he has an older Nissan pick up an the caddlalic converter end rusted out on the flange, $500.00 for a new one.

      So we took it apart and I made a new flange for him and welded it on from the inside, worked great just a pain when you are under a truck.



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        huh, my son's Nissan pick-up exhaust is starting to become one giant weld! Most are from previous owners. (I'll bet they paid to get it done, ha ha ha.)