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Utilizing a Trailer hitch!!

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  • Utilizing a Trailer hitch!!

    Iv got a 66ford 3/4 has been an on going project,,i just converted it into a Flat Bed,,i came up with an idea a few monthes ago and decided it would be handy to adapt my engine stand and my cherry picker to the reciever hitch,,when you think about it,its amazing the uses of a reciever hitch,,,,,

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    Excellent idea!

    I think I saw a crane at Northern that went into the receiver hitch, and had two fold down legs for additional support. That seemed like a great alternative to a welded in place crane on the truck body.

    There are times when I'd like to have a portable crane , but don't want one welded or bolted in the bed of my truck.

    If you have the picture of your crane idea, I'd like to see it.



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      cherry picker on Hitch

      this is the same truck before i changed it into a flat bed,,its not a real good close up,,if you cant see the details how i attached it ,next time i have it on il snap another picture and send you a close up,,,,,,jim