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  • Pot Rack idea

    I saw an "A" frame shaped pot rack in a house the other day. It sat on the island instead of hanging from a ceiling. You could make it just about any height with several different configurations for how to provide hanging places for the pots depending on their size and number. These folks used "S" hooks over round stock for pot hooks. Small square tubing with large nails would also work. Just an idea to help sell our skills (and welder expenses) to the big bosses :-)

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    Great idea John. I have had to make a few peace offering projects from time to time. Things like bird feeders, plant hangers and the like. If the big boss ain't happy the welding buget gets smaller and I don't get to go hunting as often either!


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      Made pot rack out of 1" X 1/4" bar stock. It was welded into a rectangle about 16" X 36" with another 36" bar down middle. Hung it over dish washing machine with chain. Clamped 1/4" round stock in vise and cold bent into pot hangers with hammer. Sold that pot rack with the house.

      Now have pot rack made with 2 ea. hardwood boards .5" X 2" X 48" bolted together through 1/2" tube spacers so there is about 7/16" space between boards. Some of the pot hangers are 1/4" hooks with 4" thread shank, nut and fender washer. Some of the pot hangers are cold bent 1/4" round stock welded to fender washer. This is hung with chain over 6 burner cook top. I am now thinking about replacing the wood pot rack with a metal pot rack with 8' hanging space.