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    For the past 5 years or so, I've been a mentor for the local "FIRST" high school robotics team. I help them with the drive train and mechanical bits. The idea is to get kids interested in science and technology. Here is one of our success stories: "College of Engineering robotics students win awards around the world"

    Robert, in the blue shirt, was on the team the first couple of years. Brilliant guy. We also had a gal who got a full scholarship and graduated as a mechanical engineer. We had some great times building and competing with the robots.

    If you or your kids are interested:

    Here's a lousy picture from our first year. I'm on one end of the sign. (My son the Marine is the one at the other end - long hair, unbuttoned non-team shirt, LOL. Robert is behind him.)
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    usmcpop, You and your team deserve a big A T T A B O Y working with young folks is a real challenge sometimes. But for the ones that tough it out the rewards are great for both the young and the more mature.
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