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    I was reading my local paper and came across an add for a local company, interested in hiring "welders". My question. Is that the proper way to spell "welders" when you are looking to hire one? Or would is it spelled "weldor"or "Weldors"? I thought if anyone would know the answer to that question, it would be best to ask it here. Most importantly how would you respond to that add. Position(s) applied for Welder or Weldor??????

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    Hi Brian, i saw your post on LS and here too, Most all members of this board use the term "Weldor" as a person And "Welder" as the machine itself.

    Happy Arcs!!!


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      Weldor isn't in dictionaries but is commonly used in the profession. One of the early welding books sold by James F. Lincoln Welding Foundation used the term weldor for the person and welder for the welding machine. It reduced word count and confusion.