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  • Free Welding Course offers a slew of free courses in everything imaginable. From Photography to English as Second Language to Welding 101. Go to to check out the welding couse. Has numerious chapters and drills down into the subject matter pretty thoroughly. I liked the section on brazen and soldering. Had a lot of info I never realized existed.
    I really think even the old pro's may enjoy it. As I said before, it has a ton of courses, all free, all on-line, all at your own pace. Enjoy!
    Uncle Dannie
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    Thanks for the info. The local Vo-Tech won't let you in a welding class unless you can certify that you are working in the welding field. I have been learning on my own for the last 1 1/2 years and this board has saved me making several wrong turns many times, but the more information I can get, the better it is.
    Regards, George

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      What a silly concept... You can't get welding training unless you are already a weldor? I guess your local vo-tech is overloaded and can't handle any more students. Too bad for you. It is nice to have access to experienced weldors and lots of different equipment.

      Fortunately that is not a problem here in Orlando. In my night classes there are hobbyists as well as those who are pursuing a career in welding. The hobbyists keep the student count high enough that they can stay open for the career seekers. I would think that the day students are composed mostly of career seekers, but I can't confirm.
      Bill C
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        Silly is kind version of what I was going to say. It does limit classes to serious students. I would try talking to instructor about how to get into class. Might have slow season.

        Auto bodyshop classes and machinist classes have some welding training.

        Cooking classes at local community college have requirment for working in resturant & recommendation from employer.


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          Originally posted by Sundown
          Thanks for the info. The local Vo-Tech won't let you in a welding class unless you can certify that you are working in the welding field....
          That's just plain dumb! Maybe the teacher is the one that needs the instruction from the students!


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            They may have limited resources. In the Houston area we have at least two Jr. Colleges that offer welding to anyone with the money. There is also(was at least) a welding school for soon to be professional weldors. The tuition kept the hobbyists out.