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A different sort of shop set up question

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  • A different sort of shop set up question

    I just recieved some excellent news. I'm working with a county funded agency to help me find work. And I was told they have a MAJOR job opritunity coming up. The agent handling my case suggested I start practicing ALOT.

    Of course I want to, and with all the little projects that I would like to work on, I really need to get going setting up my work shop.

    Here's my problem. I can't use my basement at all. Even for practicing. 90% of the basement is an "in-law" 2 bedroom apartment. The other 10% is the utility room where the washer/drier/furnace/hotwater tank, chest freezer are. No room to even hang a hammer!

    So that means moving everything out to my 2 1/2 car garage. As of right now I don't even want to move a screw driver out there, because it's not secure at all. We've been broken into twice. One time they got my mechanic's set with chest/cart.

    Because of my situation with no work and parent with cancer, we've kind of let the maintence go on the garage. So much so we recieved several citations for blight on it. Ironically because of our situation we do qualify and are in the process of applying for a hud backed "blight and code" no interest loan.

    With this loan I'm hoping to get the pedestrian door replaced with a steel door. This will go a long way to making the garage secure. I also plan on installing some sort of alarm system that I'm willing to pay out of pocket as well. (loan won't cover this).

    What I'm stumbling about is how to move a complete work shop, build a weld shop and still have room for snow blower, lawn mower, ladders, shoves, and my camping/fishing gear into this garage! I've seen some really nice shops/garages posted on here, but those seem more permanent set-ups. Wiether it's 3 months from now or a year, we are going to sell this place. So I really don't want to build any fancy permanent shelving/storage. I'd rather use the money to fix the place up better for sale. And I don't see the return on investment from garage shelves vs other things I can or should do.

    I'm no contractor, or engineer by any means, I'm wondering, when the garage was built it had 5 2x6 main joists. My uncle removed two of them so we could install the garage door opener. There's still three left, about 36" apart. Can I lay plywood on these, this would give me someplace to stow my camping gear.

    I've got a few other ideas too, but, I'd like to hear what you all got for me first, before I mention them...


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    Add some cross member supports between those joists and don't put too much weight up there.

    Sheesh, I though I had it bad! I feel for ya dude!

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      It ain't bad, it just a big challenge from the guy upstairs....
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        Originally posted by Jaxom View Post
        It ain't bad, it just a big challenge from the guy upstairs....
        The guy upstairs will never give you a load you can't carry. .... The camping and fishing gear shouldn't be to awfull heavy I would do as some creep said and add a few braces/ cross members. Then sheet it with 3/8" plywood to keep the weight to minimum. You can also install hangers/ big hooks near the ceiling on the walls these are great for storing stock or chain saws, weed eaters, shovels and hoes. I'm a little space challenged also as I work a lot of heavy equipment and also do a lot of welding. This is all done out of a 20' X 30' shop key words are "out of" I do most of my work outside & use the shop mostly for a tool box.
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          knock up a freesanding workbench scrounge some casters to put under it and a sheet of galvinized steel on top for a workbench.

          Make a small welding table about 3'X3' with locking casters from scrounge materials from the local recyclng place hang something off the side to hold water to cool the metal parts in.
          also have the welder so you can drag it outside lessening the mess in the garage and giving you better air to breathe.

          Without knowing what tools you have I could also sugest a 4 inch grinder with those flap disc wheels.

          I have a few chairs/stools but always seem to migrate to a 5 gallon plastic bucket turned up side down.
          I wish you well
          Happy Hunting
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