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  • tig pipe

    heres a couple of butts 6 and 4 inch,hot water. flange.

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    Beautiful welds! That's awesome.


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      thanks tc, here are a couple more from the same job .flange


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        Gawd have mercy! Break out the grinder and gnaw that garbage down!

        Looks good to me. Not gonna blow smoke up your @$$ though. I've seen better but you have a good hand. I hope you are being paid good for that hand.
        Two turn tables and a microphone.


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          nice to meet you

          first off pangea thanks for taking the time to post, i appreciate it.thing is i would hate for any of you boys to think im trying to get into a pissing contest,that would be a no brainer on my part,thing is i work with at least 5 other tig hands all cup walkers,and all superior welders than myself,so you see i know my limitations.add to that the fact that aerospace and other specialist welders post here its not a surprise you,ve seen better . i hope to carry on posting warts and all,these forums would be deserts without mediocrity ,who knows ,someone may pick up a few tips,even if how not to do it . i tried earlier to open a serious thread on the merits of 6013,and ended up with a bloody good telling off as to its load bearing capacity.could it be that this one is destined to the same fate.just to finish that steady hand shakes a bit when i lift my paycheck. flange


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            FJ, from what I'm seeing, you're doing a fine job and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Keep on at it, and thanks for taking the time to post pictures.
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              thanks for the encouragement cole,i like yourself do this for a living im comfortable enough with my skill level and have thick enough skin to take any and all criticism,its hardly going to change the way i go about things, not at my age.the funny thing is and i have noticed it on other sites,start showing or discussing tig and all sorts of weird and wonderful opinions come out of the woodwork,it certainly has more than its fair share of gurus,probably quite level headed lads otherwise. all i wanted to do was show a few pics of my work and share. oh well. heres a few more flange.