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GMAC WireFeed Video Review

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  • Roger
    Guest replied
    Good enough to review twice.

    Sounds great. Training films are so hard to make should aim high when making them but many fall short. Some only try for passable film and fall short of that. I made some that fit in there someplace.

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  • UncleDannie
    started a topic GMAC WireFeed Video Review

    GMAC WireFeed Video Review

    OK, so I bought the GMAW Welding Video at $24.95+$5.00 shipping. Video is very long and professionally made. Excellent material, well laid out and informatve. First couple of minutes is devoted to safety issues. Even though redundant, very informative. An excellent section of filler wires, types and weld capabilities. Next, a section on welding gases, types and uses. I found this section to be extremely informative. The main sections dealt with electrode extensions, puddles, gun angles, direction of travel, speed, how to weld overhead, vertical as well as horizontal. A complete section on weld joints, including butt, lap, "T", and corner, and fillets. The last section dealt with Globular and Spray techniques. Overall, the video would be a tremendous assest to newbies and good for intermediate welders. Even professional welders could learn a few things. I was impressed that they didn't talk 'over my head', as all the instructions were staright forward and in plain English, so even a dunderhead like me enjoyed it. The photography was spectacular! The welder was an expert, and his welds were perfect also. The BEST **** $30.00 I ever spent for a "How-To" video. This video should be included in every Hobart and Miller wire feed sold. It is that good. (BTW, they used a Miller).