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    This forum needed more pics,, here is a machine I own that I would like to have a personal conversation with the QC guy that let it out the door without deburring the fab work after the ironworker and the bandsaw.

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    Here is a little pumping unit I reworked and added a 500ci Cadillac engine to and has an 1800gpm pump. You cant see the sight glass for oil and when its in for service next time I am going to add to the oil pan volume like I did another one. Note, no radiator.


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      Here is the engine radiators we fabricate for these units. This one has the pump water running thru a 6 inch with the cooling water in a 8 inch jacket. Alum pipe makes it work well.
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        I took the wheels off this toolbox and made a skid base for it as it was too heavyy for the wheels. I move it with pallet jack.


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          Here is one for Franz as I know how much he can appreciate a foriegn made Mack. Just starting on a replacement cab.


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            can of kroil

            Is that a can of kroil in the top of the toolbox. Stuff works.


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              I buy kroil by the case and we oil every bolt we install in this shop. Even though its pricey it comes out of the can at the amount that you want, can get just a drop. lots of people use that stuff when taking things apart, which we do, but we use mostly for putting together. Bolts are sposed to be oiled in order to tighten properly and it keeps them from dry seizing when tightening. The guys at tire shops could take that lesson, they run lugs on dry and fast with impacts. They constantly ruin lug bolts that way. I am servicing my own equipment and want them tight, and also want to get them apart again. The great mechanic I have here only took about 6 weeks to make it a habit with him. Lots of them we loosen, oil and put right back together if we think we are ever going to need to get it off again and it really pays off. Really reduces the thread friction when tightening. Those trailer hitch ***** are a good example. I can get one off even if I installed it years ago just because the threads were sprayed when it was put on. You cant properly torque a dry bolt.
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