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  • hf compact bender

    while trying out the new toy, since the instructions aren't real clear on angle bends, I must have done something wrong. I was trying to bend some 1 1/2 x 1/4 flat bar.
    At any rate, should I hassle with trying to get new pins from HF or just get some cold rolled stock and make some new ones??

    I tried to attach a pic of the two long pins.

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    another try on the pics


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      do you have a big enough vise with an anvil that you could just beat them back straight enough to use ?

      - jack


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        well, the inlaws have a towing/garage business next door and I considered going down and using the hydraulic press. I guess I am wondering about the relative strengths of new vs old already bent once weaker used ones.


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          I tend to agree on new vs junk. The pins are roughly 5/8". I was thinking of geting some 3/4 and turning it down. Could make it fit a little snugger that way. haha use chicom junk to fix chicom junk.
          this is all welding related since the piece I was bending was to weld on a trailer I welded together.


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            I think receiver hitch pins are 5/8" if I remember correctly. might be a good source ...

            - jack


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              I'm with aweaver and morpheus.

              Hitch pins are easy to find, various dia. - if needed, not that expensive and decent strength metal. Plus in an emergency if you need one - it'll be in your truck or at the trailer.

              Then again - you can get 10 feet (should be good for 30 pins @ 4") of 5/8" rod (which is pretty cheap) and just throw them away as you bend them.
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                obvious question

                can I ask the obvious...

                isn't 1/4" stock a little thick for the compact bender... ? I've never even considered trying that in mine... I can just see several parts bending before the 1/4 stock ???

                My "project truck" has turned into 'garage art' !!!


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                  well, the specs say 5/16

                  Aaron, does that mean cold rolled? that's what I was asking in my original query.

                  anyway, my receiver hitch pins are too short so I got some 3/4" "plated round stock" at my local hardware store, out of cold rolled, and will turn down some that hopefully should work until I can get to something better.

                  I appreciate all the helpful replies.

                  by the way, I probably wouldn't even have spent the money on this and the scroller and other things right now if so many of you on this list hadn't written so much about all the fun you were having with them.


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                    I know that here our steel vendor has a separate store catering to the weekend warrior. They sell drops and shorts at deep discounts over buying at the vendor's primary location. Often I can buy steel at about 30% off the "drop" price from the local vendor, even though they are they same company!

                    Aaron, is your vendor somebody like Alro Steel?


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                      If you have some thicker material that you really need to bend - you can heat it up with a torch at the bend area. Extra care will be needed for handling (gloves) and against accidenntal touching.

                      After all - just cause it's not glowing red dosen't mean it's not hot.
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                        Call HF they are generally very good about replacing that stuff, I might be wrong but I think that bender has a lifetime warenty. I bend 3/8" X 2" strap all the time, and have done 1/4" by 1-1/2" several times. I know that I broke the handle on the scroller [small spot weld held it on], they replaced it without question, after I got the second one I welded the handle all the way around the shaft. Let us know if what you end up with works ok, or better...
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                          Hey Aaron, try that right angle bend stop on that 3/4 and see what bends.

                          I still am not quite sure how exactly that is supposed to work to make tight bends


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                            Bending da big stuff

                            I agree with Aaron as I got a bench top bender from HF a couple weeks ago. I read the instructions (which weren't too clear ) and figured no way it would bend 5/8" round stock. I put the extension handle on and after a little effort, I bent some 5/8" round stock into a complete U shape. I was amazed it would actually do it. I found the right angle bending die is really only good for material up to and including 1/4". I tried some 1/2" round stock and it wouldn't do it. It made a dent or indentation in the end of the right angle die. Use the round dies to make bends on heavier materials. I found the bender on sale for $49. at HF so at that price, you must have one in your shop.