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    Hi there,
    What would be the best places to look for free or nominal price scrap metal? I do sculptures, so I am looking not only for beautiful leftovers, but also ugly, used, rusted pieces of (s)crap metal

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    I'd check the scrap yards near or in the sea ports.

    In Tacoma, Wa there is a yard in the port that scraps just about everything from cargo ships to cars.

    Lots of interesting stuff in there..

    Ask around the main office.. some will let ya in. Some won't.
    Scott Schering


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      I would also look at the metal production plants in your area, as they send a lot of scrap into dumpsters that end up in the yards.

      They have maney of the same size parts or cut outs and punched out pieces that they throw away.

      In my area there is quite a few of these plants, as they have to pay to get rid of this excess they are more than happy to part with it for nothing.

      Good Luck


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        retired farmers looking for a clean up....**** just came up with a chipper from the 50' ford 8n engine w/side distributor....130 bucks....changed oil and gassed it up greased it ...runs like a sweetheart and is hungery for wood ....engine alone is worth 800 to 1000
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          My local scrap steel yard is the one place I go. I was just there today and saw all kinds of interesting ornamental pieces and projects gone bad. You can really save a lot of money too. I bought a 40"X28"X1/8" piece of sheet steel for $9, a new piece cost $31 and they would'nt even cut it close to my dimensions!
          Ted W.


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            Look around the streets on " junk days " amazing what people throw out. Check the back of your local garage also, many interesting things like axels, gears, springs, covers, brackets, rods, crankshafts etc. etc. Try out a local trucking outfit for the really big stuff.......lots of junk there! Then cruise around the back of light industrial multi-complexes there is always something there if you get there before the scrapman sees it. Or, if he gets it first he will sell it cheap as it isn't worth much. There is no shortage of free junk in my city!!!!


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              be careful of going behind auto repair places, most scrap companies have a contract for scrap removal and some like us pay for metal, It may not seem like much but metal is going around $90 a ton for sorted and clean stuff and I don't like paying a company for metal that vanished out of our rolloff box during the night. Some "scrappies" are meaner then **** so just be careful
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