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  • Baffled sump

    Hi everyone an new to the welding thing, got my self a small arc welder and have a few projects in mind.
    The first i have is a baffled sump using a stock steel oil pan. Would arc be ok for this?

    Heres a diagram of what i plan to do.

    to me it looks like a fairly simple project whaat do you people think?

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    I doubt if you'll have any luck with that small stick welder. There are guys who can do sheet metal with stick, but I bet they use higher line welders with more control over the amperage...and perhaps DC instead of AC. My guess is MIG, or at the top end, TIG.
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      Rule of thumb stick welding : Do not try to weld stuff thinner than the thickness of the welding rod. They do make 1/16th dia rods and they are quite fun to use. A 5lb can of 1/16 stainless we got for bout 100 bucks.