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  • Weldors, and creating....

    My comment is about the awesome weldors that contribute here. How nice it must be to use your creativity in your job and hobby! I'm going to whine here for a second. When I was in the 3rd grade, and computers were almost unheard of, I said when I grow up, I'm going to work on computers! So.........for the last 21 years of my 43 years, I've worked in the large mainframe computer environment. I've lived the evolution of large computers, and the birth of the PC, to what it has become today. Having said all that, I'm technologically burnt out. I don't use any imagination or creative thought in doing my job, just mainly logic. In the old days, you needed an electronics background when we fixed things on the component level, now you don't even need that. The best part of my job, is the environment. Rain, snow or sleet, or the HEAT of the hottest day, mainframe computer environments are always below 70 degrees. Most of the ones I work in, are **** near freezing. I have to wear a jacket, if I'm going to stay in there for any length of time.

    You guys/women create every day!!!!! You have an idea and make it happen! I truly admire the talent of the people here, and I'm deeply envious. So much to the point, that I'd be embarassed to attempt some of the stuff I've seen here. You see, I'm a perfectionist in my work, and that's a blessing and a curse. Anyone who's a perfectionist knows exactly what I mean, and there are plenty of them on this board! It's great to do work you consider perfect to your own standards, (or your employer) but if you fail the frustration is horrible. And the other downside is that it hardly fits in today's economic world. I'd probably work for Mike Sherman a day, before he said "Don, your work is good, but you're too **** slow!" Just kidding Mike!!!, I only used your name because I knew you employed weldors, of which I'm not anyway.

    Sorry for the long message, just my thoughts.


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    I guess I can relate a little. I am 10 years your senior but also drive a computer doing electronics for a living. I still get interesting stuff at work now and then.

    I have had oxy-ace rig for a long time. When my grand-daughter brought home some of her sample arc welds from UC-Davis tractor driving class (she is pre-med), I had to finally get an arc welder for myself. Totally hopless to justify buying it, but I am having lots of fun making small scrap into bigger scrap. It is way cheaper than a shrink. Have even done a few useful things.

    Love this site. If you missed them, look back several weeks for a thread on "birds" and another on "tin men and dogs".

    Maybe you could make a circuit diagram out of re-bar for your office??



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      The most useful thing I've used my welder for so far, was replacing the axle on my Church's trailer. When you buy a replacement axle, you have to weld the U-bolt brackets to the axle tube. I did that with .035 fluxcore wire. I did this with the axle all bolted in place, and removed the nozzle from the MIG gun to get in the tight places.

      Using some old sheet steel, that used to be the front of a tape drive, I cut and built a trap to catch wild animals. I built it to catch ferral cats roaming my neighborhood. By the time I was through playing and building it, my neighbor had bought a trap from the store, and cleared up the problem. LOL I learned a lot building it anyway. I figured I would donate it to a local animal rescue organization. The only real drawback to it is the weight! But on the other hand, if an animal can get in it, it won't get out! Maybe I'll take some pictures of it, and post them on here.