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Need idea for a quick firepan

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  • Need idea for a quick firepan

    My sons and I are going camping this weekend in an area where they allow no open fires. They plan on making a DO chili so we need some sort of fire pan for the coals under the DO. I have a chunk of heavy guage sheet metal, some angle iron, and a welder. Now all I need is an idea. I will post pictures on what I come up with and if anyone is going to be at the Wrightwood Primitive camp this weekend, stop by for some chili and a glass of Arrogant ******* Ale.

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    Instead of a firepan how about using a frying pan or maybe two of them. One pan to hold the coals the dutch oven will be in or on. A smaller pan to start new coals to replace the ones consumed by the cooking process. If you get real creative you could use one of the pans to hold some coals and use the other pan or the inverted lid of th D.O to do some frying.


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      Camp fire?

      Use inner tub from old agitator washer machine. They are full of holes on side and work great for containing a camp fire. Some are even made of stainless steel.


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        Get an old beer keg and cut it in 1/2. Put legs on it like a cajun gas cooker or weber BBQ. Could even make pot holder that you could raise/lower by hooking on 2 bolts. Vents like a BBQ and lid or screen to contain fire when done burning food. If that is your only fire need side door to get coals for tops of dutch oven.

        Could also use cut off barrel(COB) about 6"high with some sand in bottom. Put coals from fire or brickets from BBQ in COB as required and on top of D.O.