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  • Got a question about making a trailer?

    I am interested in building a trailer like Jason is building here.
    I am picking up my MM175 in about 2 hrs,(back ordered) and was talking to my uncle today and he said that the MM 175 will not get hot enough.He said that the welds will break, He said that i need to use a stick welder. He uses very large commercial welders that are mounted on trailers to work on bridges. I am not really sure that he knows very much on smaller welders, or even if he is ever used a mig. He keeps preaching about stick welders. .I have to admit, he's been a pipe fitter and welder over 40 years, and owns a lot of heavy equipment, but i think i should be ok with the mm175. I really dont think i will be building a bulldozer anytime soon , I just agreed with him just to pacify him, but i think i will be alright with the MM175. My son already has a go kart project he wants to do. I dont mean to keep rambling, but my welder will be in about 2 hrs, just waiting for the phone call from National Welder for me to come and pick it up.If someone will reassure me about building a small atv or 4 wheeler trailer with the MM175 will be ok, I will feel better....Skeered
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    You will have no problems whatsoever building a trailer with the 175. (As long as you know what you're doing with it)
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      I have to be honest, I do not have any idea. But the trailer will be down the road.I am still waiting for my Miller books to come, and plan on practicing first before i would even think about doing anything extravagant.sp?.
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        A light trailer is a very do able project with a MM 175. For such a project with the MM 175 I d use a self shielded fluxcore (E71T-11) wire on the main frame work. The fluxcore wire burns hotter then a solid wire will in short circuit transfer mode, which is the metal transfer mode that these 175 amp machine will produce with a solid wire and c-25 or 100% co2. The go cart project is one that I would use solid wire and shielding gas on. Of course practice comes first. Then take on some projects first that are non critical. trailers and go cart should only be attempted once your welding skill level has reach the proper level for such projects.

        By the way is that the phone that I hear right now? Waiting for that new welder is just like Christmas when you were a kid isnt it? I hope that MM 175 get there today , and have some fun with it tonight.
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          Thanks, I was headed out the door to pick it up when i heard the ding from my outlook express saying that i had an email. I am planning on taking some classes in August for autobody and welding at the local tech college. What kind of wax do you use on the blue cover? jk....Jay
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            Your good

            I had to laugh out loud. Its not just me! My father-in-law, 40 years in a heavy duty shop for a mine does that to me ALL the time. He built and repaired the biggest machines on earth so of course he applies that to little jobs too. Its good be solid, but man, eveything doesnt need to be T1 steel, 1/2" thick and welded with 400 amp stick welders!!!!!

            I built my trailer (first project) with a 225 amp Century buzz box and my buddy built his with a lincoln weldpack 120 mig kit. You got lots of welder with a MM 175, I am jealous.


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              Well, I own a MM175. Got it home,put the cart together and set the welder on the cart. It's just sitting over here in corner of my office, like a piece of furniture. I have no idea how to use it, but i got one. Guess i'll just wait for my books from Miller to show up, until then i gonna watch the video that came with it.......Jay
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                Stick will obviously do a fine job, but as the others have said, the 175 will too if you do your part.


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                  Jay, you don't have access Autocad do you? If so I would be glad to give you my layouts in electronic form. If not, maybe I'll have some detailed drawings by the time you get started. I also have part numbers for all the buyouts you will need as well as a steel list. Its alot of ground work you could save if you wanted to.

                  I will be posting more pictures soon, I've just been to busy working to do anything fun.

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                    For laynrubba

                    I dont mean to be rude, but your uncle is probably
                    in the ballpark when he siad the welds will break. I used
                    to work for CFs trailer Co. We experienced a lot of weld
                    fractures with solid wire h70 s6 with 75/ 25. The deal is
                    most inexperienced welders / fitters dont allow enough
                    bevell in thier fitting for low penetration welding. As one
                    other guy replied the flux core wire is more ideal with
                    lack of experience. I personally have a hobart ironman 250.

                    The millermatic 175 is more than enough machine
                    for the job. Just take your time and if you dont know
                    ask one of these guys. I myself lean toward the older ways..
                    WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS E7018. Your uncle has probably far
                    surpassed the welder title to me, he is a METALURGIST.


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                      Jay, you don't have access Autocad do you?
                      Sure do, The plans would be great..

                      The millermatic 175 is more than enough machine
                      for the job. Just take your time and if you dont know
                      ask one of these guys. I myself lean toward the older ways..
                      WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS E7018. Your uncle has probably far
                      surpassed the welder title to me, he is a METALURGIST.
                      No problem, it will be a little while before i get the guts to try it, I have had the welder for close to a week and havnteven plugged it in yet.Trying to get my hand to heal up a little before my next trip to the E/R. ....Jay
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                        I'll be the first to beg


                        I'll be the first to beg.... can you spare a set of the drawings... ?? I'd love to have a copy


                        My "project truck" has turned into 'garage art' !!!


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                          i'll be the second to beg!!

                          i'd like a set of them plans too!

                          do you need Autocad to read them? i don't have it, is there any way to get a hard copy? i'd be willing to cover costs (reasonable i'd hope) to get it coverted to hard form.

                          thanks jim
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                            AutoCad Drawings

                            Me too!! Me too!!! Me too!! If your sending them out, could I talk you out of a set? Can you just attach them to an e-mail?
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                              Anyone who would like the layout is welcome to it, but keep in mind its just that - a layout. I have not made it into detailed drawings and I'm not sure if I will or when. If you have Autocad, you will be able to take precise dimensions right out using "list" and "dist" commands and will be able isolate parts by freezing layers. I have heard of shareware or freeware applications that can display an Autocad .dwg file, but I would be surprised if they can do much beyond that. That said, give me a few days to polish the layout a little and I will e-mail it to anyone interested.

                              P.S. let me know what version of Autocad you have, I have R14. If yours is older, I will have to save it as an older format. If yours is newer, it will import R14 just fine.

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