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  • Homemade Tool Chest

    Well…there it is. Two years, about $140 in hardware and consumables and a bunch of scrap aluminum. Except for the casters, drawer slides and gas shocks (to raise the lid), every component was scratch built from aluminum.

    Some added features:
    There’s a single key lock mounted in the lid that will lock the lid and all 17 drawers.

    There’s a hidden button under the front top frame rail to the left of the center post that extends the spring loaded foot lever at the bottom. Step on the foot lever and the lid opens about 4” where the gas shocks take over and raise it the rest of the way.

    The inside of the drawers and the tray under the lid have been painted with a thick coat of Duplicolor Truck Bed Liner.

    Still to do…The entire exterior of the case will be ground smooth and sanded up to 220 grit paper. Then everything will be vertically brushed with a stainless steel “shoe brush” to give the exterior a consistent finish (the drawer fronts have already been done).
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    Very nice work, imagineer! Two thumbs up!

    What Gauge/thickness was used?

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      Man, when you take on a project, you take on a project!!! Very nice!!
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        That's beyond the scope of my patience/talent at present.

        VERY NICE JOB.

        You should smile with pride every time you go to this chest to retrieve a tool.

        Thanks for sharing the pics.

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          Originally posted by MXtras View Post
          Very nice work, imagineer! Two thumbs up!

          What Gauge/thickness was used?

          Mostly all 1/8" stock. There are some bearing blocks and the 4 lifting arms made from 3/4" bar stock.

          The drawers, side and rear panels are 1/8" sheet.
          The drawer pulls are "J" shapes cut from 1"x1"x1/8" square tube.
          The frame is 2"x2" x1/8" wall square tube. I cut a slot out of the vertical pieces and welded a "T" slot extrusion back into it (to be able to adjust the vertical position of the drawer slides).
          The lid is all 1/8" channel and angle stock.

          I should also mention that every piece of aluminum was free scrap I scavanged from work.
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            Very nice. Lots of thought and time obviously went into that project. You went beyond the scope of the boxes that can be purchased by a long shot.



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              Wow! How long did it take you to build that?

              Very nice job by the way.
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                That box looks great, I admire this kind of work. The care and attention to detail necessary must have been very time consuming, you have something there you can be rightfully proud of.

                Now all you need to do is get everything organized and classified, I'm a great believer in having neat toolboxes . . .
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                  Originally posted by johnny_waz View Post
                  Wow! How long did it take you to build that?

                  Very nice job by the way.
                  I started making the drawers in the fall of '04. The frame was done in spring of '05. Between it being too cold to get much work done over the winters and having two very active kids, it's taken me until last night to find enough time to get it this far. It didn't help either that I've been refining the design all along and adding more to it each time.

                  If I was able to dedicate one entire day each weekend to the project, it would have taken about 3 months.
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                    I hope it works as good as it looks.....fine job
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                      Outstanding job! That kind of attention to detail is what defines craftsmanship
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                        OUTSTANDING JOB!!!!!!!! I really like the lid...great Idea.
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                          Very nice!!

                          On the drawers, I imagine you bent the sides in a brake?? Did you weld the corners on each drawer?

                          Always nice to have access to scrap like that. Raw material can be expensive.
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                            Wow! very nice.


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                              Originally posted by 1990notch View Post
                              Very nice!!

                              On the drawers, I imagine you bent the sides in a brake?? Did you weld the corners on each drawer?

                              Always nice to have access to scrap like that. Raw material can be expensive.
                              Actually, not counting the drawer pull, each drawer is made from 5 separate pieces of 1/8" sheet and welded together. The 1/8" pieces of sheet material I had to work with were all 23.500" x 17.286". The bottom of each drawer is made from one piece.

                              Getting the scrap material was a fluke. It was supposed to be used for welded forms, but our customer, who authorized the material purchase, dragged their feet on placing an order for forms, so the material sat outside long enough for an oxide layer to form. The customer was unwilling to pay us to sand each piece prior to welding nor did they want sanded forms, so they paid us for the oxidized material, minus the scrap value and we ordered more sheet stock. Because we had just purchased a big shear, we ordered larger sheets of material and cut it to size in house. The cost saving for the uncut sheets offset the scrap value of the oxidized metal and the entire bundle, +/-300 lbs worth, was up for grabs.
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