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  • MIG welder cart

    Does anyone have a set of plans for a basic Mig cart. I have a Hobart 135 Mig welder/bottle. Thanks, Allen

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    weldng cart


    do a search (button at top of page) on "welding cart"... I got about 2 pages of hits

    there are some really nice ones here

    My "project truck" has turned into 'garage art' !!!


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      this one is my favorite..
      Yeah it's for a plasma but it could easily be re-designed for a Mig.
      Scott Schering


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        Allen, I have made several out of old bed frames.


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          Originally posted by cope
          Allen, I have made several out of old bed frames.
          mine is too ... bed frame rails are handy for light projects. driving up/down the alleys on saturdays will get you some for free
          which is appropriately priced for my budget

          - jack


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            My Cart is built from old steel shelving frames ( 1x1x1/8" angle)
            and the remains of the hand truck I was using for a cart.
            I have a little more work to do like relocating the cylinder rack and adding some bracing before I show it off

            I made it tall enough that I can store my Chop saw & grinder on the bottom rack.
            It's also easy to reach the controls on the Mig while standing
            Scott Schering


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              The 29.95 CHICOM cart from Harbor Freight makes a DANDY start
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                I saw an interesting cart at a Sam's Club last night. Hs 4 pneumatic tires, 2 swivel and 2 fixed. rubber cvered base and a nice handle. Rated fro around 275# and only $39.95 Base approximately30"X30".