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  • Shlurp

    Shlurp is a Green, environmentally friendly, machine made with over 90% recycled material. It also replaces the 19 bent pieces of sheet metal I've made to drain oil from different machines and garden tractors, none of witch I can find when I need them.
    Shlurp is made from one of the millions of 20# propane tanks that are now homeless because some government NITWIT decided tanks needed OPD valves.
    The wheels are from an old system for spraying basement waterproofing, and the handle is from a floor scrubber. The onboard vacuum pump came from a hospital dumpster.
    A dip tube was installed to within 1/2" of the tank bottom, and a port was added to the side of the nipple that replaces the valve.
    Vacuum sucks the oil from the machine crankcase, and when the 20# propane tank is full, the hose on the pump is moved to the pressure side to discharge the oil from the tank.
    Before removing the original propane valve, I ran a vacuum pump on the tank for a few hours, and then ran some Co2 into the tank before removing the valve. Neighbors downwind might have thought there was a skunk in the neighborhood during the evacuation.

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    Franz, is it true??? you're a dumpster diver???


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      Naw Rocky, these days the best the old gimp can accomplish is snorkling, or fishin it out with a hook.
      Best job I ever had for resource recovery was 6 months when I worked at the landfill, my neighbors kids had new, still in the plastic, clothes for 3 years out of that deal.
      I do have a few dumpster intercept agents scattered strategicly though, and can respond to a page rapidly.
      Can you nominate me for a Greenpeace award for this project?


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        Franz, You get points for using recycled material but if you want to win an award then you will have to come up with an environmental friendly way to dispose of the oil. We might have to subtract a few points for the air polution you cause while making it.

        Why did Franz lose his job at the landfill? He kept takin his work home with him.
        Art is dangerous!


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          Franz left the landfill job after suggesting the owner could stuff the place (you know where) because of a failure to fulfill the financial agreement re cost savings.

          Disposal will be accomplished via a Shenandoah oil burner.
          Since the system sucks oil with around 5" of vacuum, there is little vaporization thru the vacuum pump.

          Looking toward my award nomination, from all you guys, I should also point out the 2 bands around the propane tank were cut from an old air compressor tank that was one of the "I refuse to weld it" catagory.

          For those wanting to appoint me for a safety award, no welds or cuts were made directly to the cylinder, even after purging.
          Maybe Rock will come up with a hat for this one.


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            How do you pull the oil from the crankcase? I can see how it might work on my garden tractor but the truck fills at the valve cover. Does it just depend on the engine design?




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              Bill, this one was built for small engine service, cause I got **** sick of oil that always dripped where I didn't want it, like on the mower belt.
              You could use the system to pull the oil out of a car or truck if you could slide a piece of break tubing down the dipstick of your engine and reach the bottom of the pan. I had to do that once when my "brilliant" stepson had 7 quarts of oil in his 4 cylinder Pontiac cause the Oil light came on and he added oil. Don't get me goin on that subject though or this will be a very long post.