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  • Hmmm

    Hi Everyone!!, This is my first on this board so i will start with a question, I am planning on fabricating a stand for an aquarium i am getting, It's a 30 gallon tank and seeing how water weighs 8.3lbs per gallon and the tank weight itself, it is going to have to be pretty darn strong, (around 275lbs of weight), I know that steel is the obvious choice here, but i am not sure on what size angle to use for this, if anyone here can chime in and help, I would appreciate it very much!!!!!


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    tank stand

    1 X 1 X 1/8 Ang. Should be strong enough for top frame. The part you need to be careful with is the height of the legs. Cross bracing with Ang. or ornamental will be necessary.


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      I agree w/Wood-N Steel. Most commercial stands I have seen are actually 1/2" angle. 1" would be better; also put a shelf below the tank for supplies. This will add even more strength.


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        Equally, if not more important than size of angle is FOTPRINT.
        With the amount of weight involved, you don't want it sitting on less than 1 square inch of floor, unless it's a concrete floor.


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          30 gal of fresh water is 250 pounds.
          1" X 1" X 1/8" angle frame is OK and that is what I would use. Could even use 1/2" angle. I would have at least one shelf supported by same size angle welded to legs 6" from bottom of legs. That will brace the legs.
          Flat of angle iron must be up with all welds ground flush to provide flat support for aquarium.

          Aquarium supporting surface must be flat. Draw outline of aquarium on partical board or table top then use straight edge to test it is flat along drawn lines and from corner to corner in X pattern. Then use that proven flat surface to make and test that your frame is flat enough to support an aquarium. Lay or glue 1" wide 1/8" thick rubber strips on top of aquarium support frame before setting aquarium on frame. The rubber helps prevent point load stress in all glass no frame aquarium.

          Bottom of legs need to have 1/8" or thicker steel pad welded on bottom of leg with 5/16" hole and 1/4" nut welded above hole to accept 1/4" bolt for leveler pad that you make or buy. 1" or 1.5" diameter leveler pad should be ok.

          Level the stand at final location before installing aquarium and filling with water.


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            Wow!!, thanks for the speedy responses, i will put a shelf on it to help with stability, I went and looked @ stands today to get an idea how they were built, Most of them were using no larger than 1x1 angle and 1x1/8'' bar stock, I'll make some sort of "feet" for it to better seat it on the floor.



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              The shelf will certainly help, but be sure to include cross bracing. 1x1x1/8 is plenty string, but if it starts to tilt, the whole thing could go. Cross bracing will help this considerably.