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Steel bolts and nuts

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  • Steel bolts and nuts

    Hey you guys,
    I want to build a model of a car with bults and nuts, but all I find at Home Depot and Lowe's are the zinc plated ones. Do you guys know where can I find steel bolts and nuts (no stainless) without any coat? Maybe online?
    Thank you

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    In my area I would go to a industrial fastener supply house. They should have about any type bolts you want. I would imagine there are some in Fla. some where.


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      McMaster would be a good source.


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        Go to nearest military salvage yard at at or near an air base. Better if they rework airplanes. They sell steel and stainless steel nuts, bolts and more by the pound.


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          Fastenal is a good source. They seem to be popping up everywhere.


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            You didn't say how many nuts & bolts you thought you'd need or what sizes but you could just buy the cadium plated ones you found and burn the cadium off.

            All you have to do is heat them up to a dark red color and let them cool. You can do this with a torch or put them in a tin can and set them in the fireplace, anywhere to get them red. They'll be anneald for all practical purposes and then either wash the little bit of ash (yellowish color) off or run'em through the wife's dishwasher.
            There's no such thing as a welding problem, there are only welding puzzles of assorted sizes!


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              Thank you very much guys. I am going to check McMaster and Fastenal to see what they offer. Roger we have here in Tampa the McDill Air base which is the center command, so there should be one or maybe more of the places that you mentioned, I will check it out.


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                Salvage is slang term for military junk yard.

                When I was in military it was called, DEFENSE PROPERTY DISPOSAL.
                It is now called, Defense Reutilization Marketing Service.

                Here is good starting point.

                Check out this list for local info.