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    I can believe the cost of the dies now!

    well I set out to make my first die last night. :P

    I acquired a 1 1/2" thick slab of steel, roughly lunch tray size but with a corner cut out. It was drop from some huge unknown Cat equipment fabrication operation.

    so I drill a 3/4" hole in it at the pivot point. That went surprisingly well, and I put it then on my 10" rotary table and I figured I'd swing it under a 1/2" endmill and rough out a 210 degree 5" radius arc.

    (I had planned that after I roughed it out, I'd tur the table vertical and start spinning it inder a fly cutter.)

    Well, I got through about a 1/4" of the plate and I've decided that I'll have expended nearly $200 in electricity, and many more time that amount in sweat before it's done.

    On the other hand, my progress on making the bender it's self is almost encouraging. I'm planning on using 3/4" pins through my 5/8" arms. I drilled the pivot holea, I just need to lay out the pin holes. I could use a few dimensions for that if anyone is willing to share.

    At least with standard dimensions I could buy dies to fit, and just make the frame and guive up on the dies.
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      I can get you dimensions from my JD2 ( bender ...

      - jakc


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        I got these from a fellow on Pirate4x4. No guarantees on the accuracy. He said he's made one or 2 with these dimensions though. These are for Protools dies I believe.

        I have not gotten a chance to make one of my own.
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            and another


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              and the pins


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                you da man!

                sure do appreciate it.

                I got my first die roughed out this weekend. I'll try to post a pic of the process soon.
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                  I do what i can like I said, no guarnatees on the dims. I built a computer model of it based on those dims. only issue i found was possible interfence where the one bar is notched out to go around the pins. Might need a just a tad more notching then what is shown.


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                    ah. a pro/e drawing.

                    don't happen to have a model?

                    I'm a pro-e guy too. In fact that's my day job. well it was until about a month ago. now I'm a photoshop guy for a little while.
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                      I did not do the drawings I posted, so I have no idea what software they were originally done in. I did build a model in Inventor that i used to practice using the software some. I'm learning it in my spare time.


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                        Morpheus, if it wouldn't be too much trouble I would still like the jd2 bender dimensions.

                        the protools calls for a 5 1/2" wide outer arms, and I have 3" x 3/4"material.

                        My die is starting to really shape up too!

                        is there a place on the hobart board to host pics so I can share them with ya?
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