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Air Conditioner Pointy Roof???

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  • Air Conditioner Pointy Roof???

    I am stuck on how to cut the four pieces of 1 3/4" angle-iron for the sharp point-roof of a 4.5 foot angle-iron cube-frame, screened with 3/8" flat expanded.. to place over a frequently vandlized apartment building's air conditioner unit, resting of all places, outside on the ground, beside the grafiti walls...

    I figure a sharp pointed-roof will prevent the kooks from climbing and dancing on it, and from poking at the fan blades...

    I suppose a 20-inch rise ought to do it for the point roof...

    Is there a special math-formula for calculating the angles of these cuts?..

    I'm building two front doors.. and have cut the frame from out under the doors, so the cage with clear the unit when flipped.. I've hinged the back to permit repairmen to open the doors, and flip the whole cage-shield over on the ground, to enable them to get at the whole unit from all sides... Should I make it so they can pull the main hinge pin, to enable them to remove the cage entirely?..

    Is there a way to lock the two doors, and the unit to the 1/4 x 4" sheet base.. using only one lock?..

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    Just divide the angle of the peek by 2.
    If the peek comes out at a 60 degree, then the cuts are 30.
    Unless I missunderstand the question.


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      Finally a carpentry question!! lol. If I understand correctly you are putting a roof like a pyramid on top of a square. This is a called a hip roof. I would suggest buying a " speed square" that comes with instructions (not joking), and a framing square that has rafter data printed on it. The speed square instructions will explain roof systems well enough, and the framing square should have a column for hip ( it will probably say hip/val or hip/valley) sidecut angle. This is the easiest way. there is alot more to what you are doing than I can explain here. If you need more help post again. That instruction book should really help.
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        then wrap generously with razor wire...
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          and hook up the razor wire to your house current.
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            "Just divide by 2"... Dam!.. I should have realized that.. but those cuts seem so darn complicated...

            I have just Enough metal... Looks like I'm on my way to the lumberyard to buy a special square...

            The razor wire and wiring it to the building's 110 has been a background thought all through the project... While I was repairing the fence there, the little monster who is doing all the damage approached me suddenly walking up to me and stopped a foot from my face... I really wanted to pulverize him.. and he Really Needed it!.. but he would run to his mummy, and she would run to the cops.. and I would be in Big Doodoo...
            From the looks of that kid.. I see he really needs to be enrolled in a kiddy bootcamp, to wake him up to a little reality.. Life, and respect of Life...

            But I sort of thank him for the damages he does to that building, as it gets me lots of work...

            After I've installed the cage, and the property company installs security night-lights and cameras.. the next time he does his nutcase vandlism thing, they'll have him on video, and him and his parents in court, paying for all the damages their a.h. kid did.. and that will big time Anger the little psychotic a.h... and as vengence he will destroy other parts of their building, where there are no cameras, and even worse.. and I will get even more work...

            There should be a bylaw that permits extreme vigilantyism, to deal with those little apes... I favor the one where they dip the little buggers in hot tar.. then roll them in chicken feathers and poo.. then run them out of town, chasing them with flaming torches, threatening to lite them, and flinging rocks, bricks, apples, and tomatoes, at them... That's probably what's needed.. but today's crazy-laws prevent us from defending ourselves from the kooks and apes.. unless we become like them.. which isn't an option...

            So here I go.. trying to cut this steel so it makes a perfect roof peak first time...
            I sure hate doing welding over my head!!! Those little ***** of liquid-metal splash on my chest, and dig right in.. and by the time I've got my gloves off to pick them out of my flesh, they've pretty much made there home in me, somewhere in the chest hairs and skin... especially that flying 1/4" blob of liquid brass when I accidently shorted a 220 with a screwdriver... ZOWIE! what a sizzley rush!.. I felt like a Borg.. part skin, part shiny metal...
            A cute little ball of shiny brass melted right to the bone... oh sign...

            Thanks for the advice...

            Another security topic: Beefing up tool-shed fronts and doors to be crowbar proof...
            I'll start it in a new thread... I finally found a good recipe... The crack-house next door is part of a big city gang... They are bigtime Desperate to get into my sheds, to rob my tools, to get a little summer earnings, and booze... I gotta get me out of this nutcase town!.. but it's like this everywhere, isn't it..? I've done real good to keep my tools this long... And a few months ago I had to rifle through my brothers possessions to recover the 37 tools he had robbed from me... "God save me from the kooks"... and my "brother" yet!... DAM!

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              I can't believe it's come down to special security systems for ac condensing units! Surprised the little sons-o-*****es haven't tapped into the refrigerant to make some illegal drug or something.


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                or worse... made off with the units for the copper contained therein.


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                  Cosmic - Click and drag from the beginning of your text, to the end, then you can copy and paste it.


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                    Let's just hope they do steal and "huff" the refrigeant then they won't be doing anything after that. Well, except, uh, being carried by six.
                    The definition of courage. "It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see it through to the end no matter what." From "To Kill a Mockingbird"


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                      The beating it up is the least of your problems, it is when they "recycle" your copper coils. Tha tis happening all over the place now. especially old strip malls and apartments in run down areas. they strip all the coils out and sell the copper off.


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                        Yeah.. it's coming to where mindless/soulless/gluehead/elite 1%/scroungers remove bits of aluminum siding from people's houses, even when the occupants are inside.. and even parts of trim off cars...

                        I was mowing and raking a huge estate of leaves.. and had left my tiny new rake near the front leaf pile, when some kook, with a shopping cart, made off with my mini-rake...
                        When I approached him, and grabbed my rake from him, he whined that he only wanted it for to sell the aluminum... There's about a 1/4 pound of aluminum in that $15 rake's handle.. worth about 12-cents as scrap aluminum... They're Crazy out here in ****... Yet the same guy probably takes a cab to pickup and cash his welfare cheque, and to wait for him at the liqueur store, while he buys his next two weeks supply of solvents.. and at the grocery store for the kid's meals.. "cheapest white bread, jams, peanut butter, cheerios, kraft dinners, and hotdogs"... I drove night cab while I attended high school.. It was like seeing a whole 'nether world... I carried my 9mm under the front seat... had to show it only twice.. it was the "Last Word".. and the criminals backed off instant... I bet they didn't sleep that night.. forever replaying the memory of the hollow clicks sounds in me ****ing the pistol...

                        Out here they are even taking parts off of bridges, and road signs, for scrap aluminum sales... I guess they are so poor and destitute that they Must steal to survive... Something's seriously wrong with this Culture, when people must gutter themselves to just barely stay alive, rather to maintain a bare resemblance of living a barely conscious life...

                        I managed to cut the roof pieces right-on first cuts... oh yay and oh sigh.. maybe I've got a silver thumb..?

                        I made the two front-doors with half-inch dowel pin-hinges, so the air conditioner service people can remove the doors easily... and I made the back-end of the cage with four pin hinges, and sturdy handles on the ends, so the whole cage can be raised at the front, and, if required, can be removed easily by one man...

                        For door locks, I have two thickwalled washers, half-inch walls, half-inch holes, half-inch thick.. welded 3/8" apart at top center.. and two angles welded to doorstops to snap-in between the washers for a huge padlock... The client likes it.. and says I should patent it... I'm sure someone will, and will claim it's their idea.. like happened with the "can opener", and many other new inventions... I suppose the Pirates need to make a living too... The ancient Pirates are all long dead.. but their bloodlines are alive a well, and active as ****, in everything, everywhere on the planet...

                        I still can't select-all and copy my posts from this forum..? Maybe the problem is with my SeaMonkey browser software in conflict with some glitch in the forum's configs... I'll report it to Mozilla as a Seamonkey Bug... When I try to edit my posts, it won't save the edit... Could the forum have a bug?.. Is it Linux?..

                        Now I'm working on the 10" thick cement-base for the cage... I figure I'll dig down 10-inches, widening the trench as I go deeper, so the monkeys can't pull up the base... A half a ton of cement ought to hold it permanent...

                        Another plan to go with the razor wire and voltage.. "landmines!"...

                        Big Oops! I had just changed the grinder wheel.. and was carrying-on like with the shrinking wheel, when "ZOOMP! SklisH! ZZZZ and ARGH!!".. the dern thin caught my glove, and gave me a classic grinder-kiss right to the bone in a flash part of a second, along the side of the index knuckle... I'm bettin' most grinder-kisses happen near after changing the wheel.. because it changes the dimensions, speed, and format, of the powertool... Anyway.. there's not much feeling in that finger.. feels like its asleep tingly.. and a bit cold at times... I guess I likely ground the main-nerve in half... oh sigh!.. and yuk!..
                        Stings like a bugger!..


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                          You may want to see the Dr. about that if you have not already. You may be hurt more than you think. We only get issued one set of fingers you know. (ouch!)

                          Sounds like a nice job on the air conditioner house. Post some pics. I would love to see it.
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                            Doc says I cleaned it up, and closed it up, as good as he would have... I've got my first aid ticket plus... I spent some time studying in a hospital's emerg, especially on full moon nights, when I was bored... It got so the emerg staff would consult with me for suggestions for diagnosis and treatments.. I was good a daignosing rashes and mental problems...
                            I probably could have made a good brain surgeon... Sometimes I rescue road hit critters.. take 'em home, give em a shot of numbing stuff, and get right into repairing the damages... We've still got a three legged road hit wild-rabbit in the yard.. that sometimes comes when we call... He can still jump three feet up.. but his landings are thht, usually on his head...

                            Speaking of "we've only got so many fingers".. Yeah!.. I've got a good feel for that... I lost two finger-tips and the whole fingernails when a couple ounces of homemade lead azide detonated in my hand, sending me soaring 30-feet above the ground, 30-feet back, straight through a treetop... it was a rush... Seeing a detonation fireball, face to face, as it embraces you, is a tremendous rare experience... Surviving it, is a whole other ballgame...

                            I think the finger will be OK.. Thanks for your brotherly concern...

                            I'm ingesting methionine and L-Arginine, which in combination make us heal very fast.. Weight lifters use it to heal torn ligs.. plus I'm eating raw fresh pinapple, which has an enzime that also heals us fast...

                            If you ever are scheduled for any kind surgery, especially wisdom teeth removal.. eat a whole pinapple a day for a week before the surgery... after which, you probably won't have need for painkillers, and maywell heal in a third the time...
                            Before you eat that much of that horrid stuff, best to cover your lips with wax or lipsil, or suffer the Stings... Be sure to remove all the tiny hidden spines...
                            It takes a Lot of willpower to eat the second pinapple... and all the willpower you've got to eat the third... I doubt there is anyone who could eat the forth... It's difficult for me to even look at them in the stores... On second thought.. forget the pineapple, and go for the rest, and the painkillers...
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                              Glad to hear it! Sounds like you know more about it than most for treating a wound like that. Try unplugging it next time! The risk involved for the time savings is not worth it. At the very least, flip the switch on the power-strip. I got kinda paranoid about stuff like that after I had a close call a few years ago.

                              Thanks for the tip on the pineapple. I hate taking medicine of any kind. Getting harder to avoid as I get older.
                              HH187, TA 185 AC/DC Arcmaster, Hypertherm Powermax 380 Plasma
                              Smithy 1220 LX Lathe
                              Peter Wright 132 (198lbs) anvil
                              Hoods: Jackson Nexgen and Hobart/Miller XLi
                              Victor compatible med duty OA setup
                              Chop Saw, 4x6 Band Saw