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  • It is good make some metal work sculpture, wide imagination to create something.
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      • Silhouettes cut out with benefit of darkroom photo enlarger

        I always had the desire to do some type of artistic metal work, but felt I really lacked the skill to do so... I used to do my own black and white darkroom work and have an enlarger that has been essentially unused in the last 30 years..

        I got the idea to mount the enlarger over my welding table and found some sillouettes I like and printed them on transparencies sized to make a "negative" for my enlarger... Used the enlarger at night and an aluminum color marking pen to transfer the images onto some scrap steel.... then cut the patterns into it using my newly acquired plasma cutter...

        Using the plasma freehand gives the ability to add a lot more artistic detail, for example the silhouette of the bird had very little detail of the feathers, just had overall outline... so I just kept adding the feather detail one by one..

        Cut through from the clean side of the metal to the dirty with the plasma set to leave some "artistic" edges on the cuts... The old tar coating, dirt, rust makes a nice surface that has held up well.. I did these about 3 years ago.. just now posting...

        The shot of my welding table with the enlarger covered up by the plastic bag is not a real good pic for showing the enlarger, but I'm sure you get the idea...

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        • Great Imagination!

          That's a great utilization of your imagination! Keep the pics coming!