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  • How to make scrolls

    I took some pictures last night and made up a lil webpage on how I make scrolls with my HF compact bender scroller. Check it out!

    Makin Scrolls!

    Hey Rock,
    Do I get any bonus points for the strategically placed end table?
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    nice writeup!

    I really like the technical terminology (ie. thingie)

    - jack


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      hahaha I am glad ya like it.
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        I was at HF looking at the "compact" bender that does the twists & stuff too (not the one shown in the tutorial). Will that do right angles and other bending or ONLY scrolls?

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          Dirt Rider,
          I think you are talking about the 36131. I have not made any bends with it just scrolls and twists. I use the 36131 for the scrolls and twists and use my compact bender for bends. I just used the compact bender scroller for the tutorial because several people where having problems with flat spots. I just wanted to show how I do it.

          Don't you already have the bender? The scroll attachment is only $20. You can't justify that?

          There is a twister attachment for the compact bender. It is used for 1/2" bar. I have not had any luck with this. I would not recommend that anyone buy this.
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            Chadrat, thanks for the quick reply! I'm new to the board here obviously (2 posts now!). I had only been on the AWS board until ScottV led me over here ...lucky you guys.

            Yes, that's the model. Sounds like it's more suited for scrolls only. I think I'll go with the model shown in the pictures and add that scroll attachment. Did I read somewhere that one of the HF benders is on sale for $49?? I also saw another link here from someone else that had smaller size square and round tubing dies for a reasonable cost!

            Any suggestion or comments are greatly appreciated!
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              You could be an illustrator!! You must wear many hats. Good work.

              "Some days you're the dog, some days you're the fire hydrant"


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                The compact bender that is on sale at HF is the bench top model #44094 for $49.99 I think it is for sale in the stores only because its still listed on web site for $99.00. To further confuse things the scroller attachment, #36621 [$19.99] and the picket twister, #36620 [$39.99] are listed on the web site as attachments for the #31980 [$129.99 I think] and its on sale now on the web site only at $79.99. The last day for the instore sale on the bench model is 9 June.

                Rocky D.

                From the looks in your photo's, you have the bench model, is the scrolling attachment you have with it #36621 ???
                Regards, George

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                  Thank God
                  Someone showed us how to use this thing, I have tried and tried and never seem to get the thing to work.

                  The weekend I will give it another go.

                  Thanks Bernie


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                    FYI- Chad had posted the method for ensuring the best price when buying from HF, on his Yahoo Ornimental Iron site. Tougher to explain than do, It saved me about $40 on a $160 purchase. Use the "Order from printed catalog" option, expand the little window twice (To get 10 spaces for part #'s) and enter the # in all 10 spaces, changing only the single digit ahead of the "VGA". Hit return and note all of the selections that were successful. Then re-enter each successful # number, one at a time and hit return, to check the shopping basket price. Remember to delete the item between each entry, otherwise the basket will only show the higher price. Legal and honest to do this, as HF keeps several prices on many items to reflect the regional sales and specials. Sometimes the store price is even cheaper.
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                      Just got my bender and scroller. For $105 to my door for everything, this is by far the best deal in tools I've got in a long time!

                      Anyway, I got it all set up and made a few the flat spots...but it works great none the less. So are you eliminating the flat spot by using the further back pin placement?? I looked at your pictures and the appear to be very smooth bends, are you getting ANY flat spot at all. I thought perhaps the scroller parts needed to be machined a little, but your method looks good.

                      BTW, I also took some 1/4" round bar and ground the tip flat so it would fit snug in the scroll slot. It worked like a champ! They look pretty cool too, sort of like they're hammered on the tip. Now keeping them totally on plane is another issue, but not bad.
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                        I think the key to avoid the flat spots is to use the whole die. That is why I moved it back to the last hole. If you notice that at the end of the bend you are actually pulling the metal. I think that removes the flat spot. If you stop too soon then ya get the flat spots. That is just my theory anyways. I have seen where a guy machined out the top of his scroller die so he could use 1/4" round.
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                          Thanks Chad, I see what you're saying now. I was looking at the die last night and looked like if the small piece was built up a little (maybe some braze) and the larger piece was little ground down, it would smooth the transition. I also notice where the thickness of the material could make a difference too....the thinner the stock, the more the large die closes, making the square edge.

                          I joined and read some posts on the ornamentaliron group and saw the post regarding the 1/4" round. Great group over there too.

                          BTW, your tip on getting the best price at HF is freaking GOLD!! I never knew how much stuff i needed. Now when I look and see something and think "wow, I would buy that if it was a little cheaper" it usually is.
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