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    Thi is my first attempt at using a scroll bender...I'm not sure if results are what I should be getting.

    Of course, I bought a HF scroll bender...which I think is good for something..but I'm not sure if scrolls are it.

    The bend path has flat spots that are hard to get out. I want to be able to make one sweep with it and have a smooth bend. I think that os the way it should be...or am I expecting too much?

    The pin in the "comma" part was super loose...I drilled it out to 11/32" and used the drill bit to pin it. Or sould I not have done that?

    The next few pictures I will try to explain the problems I see in this bender. My question is "can you get a smoothe bend the first time with the Shopoutfitters bender?"

    I know there are folks who have this bender and one from I'd appreciate any feedback..

    This picture shows the flats in the die, and the drill bit pin.

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    This shows the gap in the comma that makes a bump in the bend that is a witch to get out.


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      I made another Ol' Man to assist in straightening.


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        Here's the business end of the Ol' Man....1/2" 316L stainless. If i have to keep using it, it just may put an end to my attempt at ornamental iron!


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          ...and this was the final result....after beating, and twisting, and cussin' at 'em!

          Duke has made some beautiful scrolls and some other folks have too. I don't think it should be this hard. If the Shopoutfitters bender doesn't have these problems...I'll buy it.

          What say ye??


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            Rocky D,

            Is that the benchtop bender from HF for 99.99 on sale for 49.99, lot #44094 that I was looking at in the store yesterday? I almost got it, but now I'll wait until you get it sorted out. From the looks in the picture, the scrolls look ok to me, but I'm no expert. The sale is on until 6/9 so I can wait a few days. Meanwhile I am going to have a look at
            Regards, George

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              well rock if it was me i would modify it to my likeing.....grind where it needs ground and build up with weld where it needs it ....all machines will at sometime need to be made to fit the user
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                Rocky D,

                ... a little hard to tell from the pix, but it looks like a spacer between the "comma" and what looks like the action hancle might close the gap that makes at least that flat spot. Might experiment by jamming some different size nuts in there, then maybe weld something on the inside of the comma or put the right size pipe sleve around the handle (not sure that is possible).

                Might be a reason these are on sale? Suppose there might be a chance to get a "replacement" comma part ... but that might have the same flaws.

                The results are not too bad, but it is hard to tell what the bender did and how much was tweaking, beating, and curssin'.



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                  I have one of the HF scroll bender.. It is ok but repeatability is not an easy task. I have not run into any “flat spot problems” But try and get two scrolls to match up is another story... I have found a smooth even pull with no stops and repeated with the same speed gets the best results for uniformity. But again for the cost of the tool… what the heck it is fun to work with. Another way to describe how to use this thing. It is like using an old Lyman Orange Crusher press (for those who reload their own brass).


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                    Flat Spots

                    Rocky D

                    I have not purchased a scrolling tool yet but plan to. Just in case you are not aware here is a site that is very friendly & helpful. Maybe they can help with your questions

                    What size material did you use 1/2" X 1/8" ?
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                      I also bought the HF bender and scroll attatchment and am having the same results. I am going to modify as others have said. I also have the same problems with the pin being loose but just figured for 49.99 I can solve the problems and save 300.00?.
                      As far as repeatability I marked the stock as the instructions say and stop bending when the mark meets the tool.


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                        well i went the other way when i bought my shop equipment. got a cheap welder and the expensive Shop Outfitter benders. The benders are awesome. i got em all, 2020 Bender, Big ring roller, bench mount rung roller, scroll attachment, picket twister. no flat spots and very easy repeatability due to the scroll bender being marked. the S/O instructions are great also.

                        all i did when i got mine was bolt em to the floor and start working. the only problem i have had with it is sometimes the scrolls come out kinda twisted. but i have found if i keep the stock seated on the roller pin and in the bender they come out great. i really havent had alot of time to make any ornamental stuff cause of the gat projects i am doing for my brother but i hope i can get that knocked out and start getting artistic.



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                          I have heard the shopoutfitters bender is great.

                          The "flat spot" is a mystery to me. I can use a long piece of metal and get no flat spots. Use a short piece and there is the spot.

                          I like using the HF 36131 for scrolls. It is a metalcraft knock off. The twister works great too.

                          To get scrolls the same size, start with the metal all the same length (duh). When bending the scroll, find some kind of reference point when you stop. Stop bending at that point every time. Do all of your scrolls at once. If you are a lil off then you can always tweak them by hand.

                          Rocky, are ya being too picky? Is the flat spot that noticable? Remember this is art and it does not have to be perfect. Just have fun with it.

                          Don't forget to check out our group for lots of good tips and tricks
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                            shop outfitters ease of use

                            the thing i think is great about S.O. scroller is the absolute ease of use. the instructions provided are awesome. it tells you what lenth of stock to use to make the coresponding bend. the srcoller had letters a-h. if you want a C bend on one end and a H on the other simply add the 2 lenghts together and start scrolling. the templates SO also sells corespond to the letters on the bender. you can draw some stuff, place the letter from the template next to the scroll on the drawing, when it comes time to bend just bend till the material touched the letter on the bender. really easy. and i am by no means an artist or metal frabicator but these tools make it easy. i would deffinatly recomend them to anyone.

                            i had some sample goof off scrolls made but my brother cut them up and made Horse Tack hooks out of them. ill try to get some more made and post the pics for yall.



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                              After I read the instructions(yea I know, what are those) it says to only bend 3/16 thick material. I was scrolling 1/8, soooo now that I scrounged some 3/16 from a welder buddy I'll see how that works. Mike