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55 Gallon Drum Dolly

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  • 55 Gallon Drum Dolly

    Could someone tell Me how to form the 2"x 1/4 flat bar, into the circle for the drum dolly shown at this web site,
    Thanks Ron

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    For a one off project like this use a simple wooden form/ buck made from plywood, cut two peices slightly smaller than the size you want (this allows for some spring back of the metal) nail the two peices together using spacer blocks to make it about the same width as the metal your bending. Be sure to keep the edges square or you will have a nice little coil instead of a circle. Now cut some holes near the edges of your form just large enough for some clamps to hold the flat stock as you go, secure the form to something sturdy, clamp one end down and pull away!!! Don't try to cut the metal to size to start with,wait till you have your circle formed then cut off the excess ,you will need the extra for leverage


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      Forming a circle from 1/4" X 2" mild steel flat bar can easily be done with almost nothing more than a couple of short peices of 4 x4 (wood) and a 2lb to 3 lb dead blow hammer.

      If you can wait until Friday or Saturday I can try and get you a few pictures demonstrating the procedure, so that I don t have to go into a lengthy explanation of how it is done.
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        55 Gal. Drum Dolly Thanks Guys

        Thanks a lot for the info, is this a great web site or what. I spent hours the other night and last night , looking at all the great pictures,of all the projects posted by the members. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words
        Thanks Ron


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          Drum Dolly

          I'm going to make some assumptions here, but here is an idea for you.

          Take an emty drum, and weld some 1/2" thick spacers around the circumfrence on one end. I would say at least eight of them. Then weld your 2x1/4 flat stock to one of those spacers. Get your torch out and start heating. Work your way slowly around the barrel, heating and bending as you go. when you get around to your starting point, you should have a circle about one inch ID larger than the drum. Sort of low tech, low budget, but I think it will work. Just grind the weld away that holds the flat to the drum and there you are. Good Luck
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            I built one years ago but didn't bend anything. I just cut up some scrape 1 1/2: angle into, I believe, 8" pieces and then welded them together using a drum as the jig. Worked Ok except I welded one of the wheels on one thinner angle and now I have 1/8" wobble in my table. Pisses me off every time I move, but it works great otherwise.

            I got's to get me a digital camera!




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              Dan, I'd like to see how you do it...and I can wait til friday or saturday.