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  • Check this baby out!

    We have some talent over at our site also.I sure would like to have it.(talent,and the tool) Check the attachment.

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    Scott V

    Thank You for this link. I have only spent about 30 min looking around this other forum, but like what I have seen so far.
    I found the thread "hard facing" especially interesting. I learned that I don't know squat about anvils. Seems to be a wealth of info here on all sorts of metal working.

    Thanks Again


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      very nice !


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        Hey guys , Im fairly new to welding and I was wondering about the full use of this machine....obviously it holds a part to be welded and rotates slow enough to weld I right? and is the welding gun/rod hand held, whilst welding?what is also the idea of the tiltable table? Excuse my lack of knowledge as Ive never seen something like this in action before....cheers, OZ


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          I'd say your assumptions are mostly correct. Yes hand-held. Might not always weld continuous while turning but be able to get part to be welded into an acceptable position to weld. The tilt part so that you could turn part to be welded "into position" so you are not welding vertical, horizontal or overhead.

          Cheers! and a late Welcome to the Forum!

          "Some days you're the dog, some days you're the fire hydrant"


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            sorry for the delayed reply....aliens have invaded my computer again........Yes that is a nice machine, my mind is already checking through past and present projects for where a machine like this could be of use .............I have seen welds on differentual housings, from cars,trucks,etc that look like they go around the axle housing in one go......does this help in less distortion of the housing? A machine like this could be used for that....however a tailpiece/seperate stand to hold/centre the work would be good too......much like a lathe....possible? cheers, OZ.....I have a small mig and posted the question on heatsinks a while is a weld I think is on the right track{I hope} I might weave a bit too much though


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              There are two main reasons for using a weld positioner...maybe three...To reduce stress risers in circumferential welds, by making a continuous bead. Ease of not having to reposition the part....and speed in welding many circ welds. Plus it's fun!


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                thanks for the info.......cheers, OZ