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  • One of the handiest things

    This tray I modified rides on the front seat of my pickup and is one of my all time best things I came up with. I dont have to look for tools when I am out. I look at the slots and if they are full I have what I need with me and can concentrate on the job at hand. There are even fittings and connectors, tape and pipe compound,, etc. It is highly customized and just saves so many trips and steps and because its on the seat I can grab without looking thru toolboxes for common stuff.

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    WOW.......i'm not the only one that uses the passenger side floor board as a fileing system for junk
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      Hey Sberry27

      I tried that once and it worked good till the first time I hit the brakes. Then we played 52 pickup for a while if you know what I mean. You better strap that tote tray into a seat belt so you don't experience the same event. Ha Ha


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        It has happened. I do need to rivit a seat belt clip to it