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  • bending

    is there anyways to do ornemntal work with out a bender i have a anvil and forge and all the blacksmith stuff you need just no bender , could i make scroll work , any ideas??? thanks

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    I'm going out on a limb here......yes. Before benders there were jigs. I have seen blacksmith setups with flat sheets of steel sitting horizontal, like about saw horse-high with steel dowels welded or somehow attached to the sheets, just an inch or two long or whatever the width of the scroll work is. The dowels are positioned such that the scroll work is heated and bent around the dowels (on edge). Sometimes several different heats and layouts, to get the final shape. Check out blacksmithing sites.

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    • #3 site for and about blacksmithing and shows tricks of the trade for scroll work and the answers to the always they do that ?
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        There is lots of ornemntal iron that doesn't use scrolls or twisted metal. Saw one guys work that looked more like zebra's varable width stripes.


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          Dave is right on, and not on any limb.
          I've done this many times. I made all my fixtures to fit the 2"
          reciever on the back of my srevice truck.
          It worked out real good, but now without that truck I need to comeup with a floor mount of sorts.
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            the main advantage to a bender is speed. a lot of traditional ornamental work is/was done with nothing more than a forge and anvil(and tongs, hammers, etc.) a couple of good books to check out are DECORATIVE & SCULPTURAL IRONWORK by Dona Z Meilach and NEW EDGE OF THE ANVIL by Jack Andrews. i think they're both available on amazon. depending on what your making, you can also purchase forged components quite reasonably from suppliers like Architecutural Iron Designs, Inc.( and King Architectural Metals(


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              You need to go to the Ornamental Iron Workers group ( I suggest you join this site, then go to the Files and Photo area. Here you will find photos of jigs, How To articles, and a large group of guys (a lot are members of this group) who can tell you anything about scroll work.
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                Yes, it can be done. Here is a link to a scrolling wrench

                scroll wrench

                here is another great link

                scroll stuff

                I prefer the HF 36131. I works well on scrolls plus you can do twists with it.

                It really just depends on the thickness of the metal on which technique is best.

                Don't forget to check out our Yahoo group that Dannie posted. It has lots of good information.

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                  Making bends in metal can be quite simple. First what thickness is going to be bended I wonder if it is say 20g. to 12g. you could make a simple fixture as follows.

                  First use for base a heavy piece of metal such as say 6" channel. Find various metal pipe with a diameter that is slightly smaller then what you want for finish. Cut pipe at say 2" tall and tack weld to the channel now weld any size next to the first one but leave gap for the thickness of your metal that will be bent. Lay metal in between these pieces and bend around the diameter piece that you tacked on. I have done this for years making radious and diameter pcs. when needed.

                  I now have a roller in shopbut years back I made a hossfield look a like bender and when I pull it out of shed I'll take a picture and post.
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