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    Had a recent request by a local portable building dealer to build some carports for him. These would need to be clear-span approximately 20'x20'. I am planning on using 3" pipe for the posts. My question is, what size "c" purlins would need to be used to keep the roof from sagging in the middle at that width? Also any other plans or ideas would be appreciated.....

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    Would really need to see your design specs...what load will the roof see? What will your roof composition, and walls, if any be?

    I think we're talkin' trusses, here, but is it a flat roof? peaked Roof? does it snow there?...lots of factors will determine what you need. Code may be another factor.


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      The roof will be covered with 26ga. roofing panels. It will be a flat roof with a slight slope to it, and snow is not a factor. There will be no walls, but possibly a skirt around the bottom of the roof for appearance..... Thanx
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        How many legs will it have? I like to use square and rectangular tubing...1 x 1" 16 gage for bracing, and 1 1/2" 11 gage for everything else..with the braces in the right places you can use light gage material. If your set on using 'C' channel go with 3"

        You can build it in the air, or on the ground and lift it up with a couple of forklifts, if you have the room. Ya got lots a room in Texas, don't ya?