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  • Welding Table Question

    Hello you guys out there,
    I am so behind that my first projects are to build my welding table, welder cart, and a chop saw table. I need some help with my welding table. I want the table top to be nice and flat. How can I prevent the warping while I build it? I am planning on having a 1/4" or 3/8" table top. By the way I am going to build it with a MIG Lincoln Electric 175+ welder
    Thank you

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    1/4 or 3/8 plate shouldn't warp in the process of building a table.
    Start with the plate on the floor and build the table inverted, then turn it over.
    I build trailers inverted, and it saves a lot of time, as well as some miserable welding positions.


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      I have a small welding table with a 2'x4'x1/4" top. I MIG welded the top to 1.5"x1/8" angle with just a couple 2" welds on each side. I can't detect any warping on it.


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        Welcome to the forum, Alfredo....folks have posted lots of info on weld tables. It won't warp if you don't over weld it. It won't take much to hold it, since all the weight will be down. Do like Franz says and it will be flat.


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          Welcome Alfredo;

          For everyone to give you the best options on how to build your table, just how big of a table are you planning on?

          How long, how wide and the height (you gave us the top thickness) will help for the best advise. Will it be movable/portable or in a permanent location? After all, the bigger it gets, the heavier.
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