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  • Welding Truck Survey


    I have an old 1981 Chevy 1 ton without a bed on it, and was thinking about making a bed that would double as a welding truck, and mother in-law mover. I was wondering if those of you that have welding trucks would be so kind as to send pictures of your rigs. Also, a list of items that you carry on the truck which would include welding equipment, along with the not so obvious equipment or tools that help cut down on them having to go back to the shop trips. Any unique tooling or welding aids that you have made to make the jobs easier would also be appreciated.

    At the present time I would only use this rig to help out friends and maybe a few "word of mouth" jobs. Maybe later I may use it more often and solicit work after I get some irons out of the fire. Thanks for your responses. This should be interesting.

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    In my area, where I live it would have to be hidden and indestructible, when parked.....thieves, In a cage or steel locker,box.......just a thought.cheers, Pete


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      I had a 11/2 ton Dodge dulley with servicebody and went through 8 padlocks about every 30 days. Never keep your gear in the truck! Luckly, neither did I...still 8 locks does add up but since I moved a few years back I can at least have a toolbelt or two on pside seat and next day they are still there. Wow!


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        You can't have to many tool boxes. Make them as big as possible. I have my welder cross mounted with the O2 bottes in a rack that sets one on top of the other laying down behind the welder and the gas bottes standing behind the welder. I have everything on the bed in front of the rear axel so I can still pull my gooseneck trailers. I just got a digital camera and as soon as I figure out how to use it Ill try to post some pics.


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          The design of your truck is based on the type of work that you are considering to do, in my business we install boilera and do all forms of process pipeing.

          Winter months to keep the gus going we also do smoe repairs to truck bodies and snow plows.

          I have 2 welding rigs and 1 service van, the rigs are chevys and the van is a ford. The rigs are a 1 ton wreaker body and a 3/4 ton pickup with a cherry picker mounted in the bed.

          Our work requires us to lift and move large pumps and manafolds
          during construction, as well move large snow plows around.

          I have seen muck smaller welding rigs, 1/2 tons and what not, look to make things easy to reach and comfortable to work around and on.

          Machine location and acess to service it are the most inportant, as well the location of your trucks gas filler, nice and neet cable wraps make work easy as well as power cords and hangers for your grinders, pipe supports, ladders, clamps.

          I try to get our rigs in a formation where every thing has a place that you can see, that helps on lost tools.

          I will take some picks of our trucks for you, one is here under Brutus.

          Good Luck


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            Nobody has mentioned it, and it may be obvious, but 4 wheel drive is a necessity if you have to get off the paved highway and probably a good winch to go with it. Lots of mud around the construction sites in this neck of the woods and they seem to park the road graders and dozers in the farthest corners of the site at quitting time.


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              full nut and bolt selection, enclosed everything including 2 sets of OA tanks, steel racks, pipe fittings, porto power, chop saw, 20 hp air comp with impacts,,, etc


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                more truck stuff


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                  very nice setup....I can see you have a reel for the airline etc...what length? so that means you park the vehicle according to where the job is located? I suppose it all still can be need be. What about your oxy/ace set..hose length?....just a thought,as I like this setup but am used to the luxury of a shed....but if I ever go mobile this is how Id want it.....very nice indeed.cheers, OZ...heres a pic of my old beast........1959 AA series International......which is a "B" series in the U.S


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                    I usually can pull up to the work area so I can keep hoses short most of the time. I keep 50 on air and 75 on torches but have more in top boxes that can be added if needed. I never remove anything from it as I have several hundred feet of hoses and leads in shop. The driver side is the work side with all controls and most tools on that side. The passener side is storage and stock side mostly. Air tanks are under the truck. All the stuff is completely enclosed for weather and prying eyes. Nice red truck.


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                      Thanks to all for the information and photos.

                      SBerry27, I like the utility style bed you have. Probably the way I should go because I don't have any room in the garage where it would be protected from the elements. Looks like you have some pretty good sized cabinets.

                      Bertieboy, Like I said above, I don't have any room in my garage but I would make room for your "Beast" .......Nice Truck.

                      Keep the pictures and suggestions coming, I appreciate them all.......thanks again